Remembering 2015

No Resolutions This Year

2015 has really been an amazing year filled with so many unexpected events that changed everything around. Maybe you remember that at the beginning of the year I wrote about a big step I took that changed my life?

Well, that decision was one of the best I have ever taken. I met so many wonderful people that could make any dull day seem sunny. They are positive, fun and hard working and I have the pleasure of being part of that amazing team! Thank you guys and girls for all the fun times we had last year and let’s make 2016 even better.

They also convinced me to join TOR and get some outdoor activity for a change…. What can I say, I can’t wait for next year:))) Too much fun even if I was beat tired. Next time, no more late night fashion shows, I promise.

We got a new puppy, playing partener and future girlfriend for Lucky. She seemed like a nice little doggy but actually she is very, very naughty. I hope she will be more obedient when she grows up because right now she is chewing on everything….Have you ever dealt with that? any tips and tricks? help?!

I took sports and diet more seriously and the results paid off. Still, at the end of the year I was so tired and couldn’t focus on this as much as I wanted, but I will get back on track!

Finally! I got my tattoo done. It’s been so long since I started sketching it in my head and couldn’t find the right artist to work with. But it’s done! Next…

Learning some new dance moves made me think I should seriously start learning  some basic, classic steps and even if it’s not a resolution I have it on my list for 2016. So thanks you dear Zoli and Sabin for picking us as your God parents because you brought up some new ideas that we should try out.

Our schedule was fully booked but we did find some time to travel a bit too and ended the year with plans on redesigning our home.

I haven’t expected any of these things to happen but I did feel like 2015  would be the perfect year for changes, and so it way.

Can’t wait to see what 2016 has to offer. I’m ready!

perfect 2015

happy in love


great friends baby puppy

great friends great friends learning to dance


god parents wedding


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