Retro Style


Sequin Lace and Beaded Fringe Dress


Finally I can show you my favorite dress ever and yes, I am bragging because I designed it.

As you might know, me and my boyfriend attended a wedding as godparents for our friends Zoli and Sabina. It was really a special event for us too not just for them.

It was very hard to decide what to weron that day but I knew I wanted something not very commun. Then it hit me, I had to have a retro style dress. I wanted a simple shift dress with lace or embroidery and beaded fringes. Sounds simple but very hard to find. I wanted to buy it, but haven’t found the one! Then I decided to make it from scratch. I couldn’t find any fabric similar to what I wanted either, so I started cutting out some sequined lace and redesign it on the dotted tulle base.

Thousands of beads for the looping fringes

Of course simple basic beaded fringes weren’t good enough for me, so I decided I would make my own, bead by bead….

Overall, this dress is simply perfect, just as I imagined and the effort was worth it.!

These pictures weren’t taken on the wedding day because we didn’t have any time to take any, and on the shooting day, I forgot my fringed Koton bag home and misplaced the head band I made… So you will just have to imagine how the whole outfit look until I get some official photos.

The Hairstyle Issue

My hair was a big problem too. I had to wake up at 7 in the morning and be ready by 9. No time for special hairstyles of make-up so I did everything myself. And because I don’t have exceptional braiding skills, I had to improvise.

And I got lucky because I found this simple tutorial for a pull through crown braid. Very easy and durable! Loved how it turned out.

Would you try it?

retro style

Dress: B.A.D. style / Fur: Here / Sandals Here/ Earrings: Here


pull through crown braid

pull through crown braid

retro style

retro style




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