Schloß Schönbrunn -Wien Day 2

 These past days are really hectic so not much time to elaborate posts. So I will leave you with my second outfit from my short trip to Wien.
Layering is the key to a cool outfit that also keeps warm because it’s pretty cold here. I am still wearing my favorite coat right now, it;s so simple and easy to match to almost any outfit.
Comfort and warmth are the first aspects I take into account wen picking out what to wear. And because we will be shopping in Austria these next few days, I need to stay super comfy and chic of course. Knitted hats, warm cardigans under woolen coats and ankle boots in case any snowfall might take us by surprise.
I don’t know about you, but during the cold season I tend to pick darker colors and add just a bit of color. No idea why, but black, grey, beige and red or burgundy are my top picks when talking about my kind of winter fashion. White also looks good especially if you are going skying or to a cabana weekend party. I also have been searching for some earmuffs, I find them very pretty. Even if I can’t hear that great while wearing them, they keep me warm and actually don’t ruin my hairdo that bad as a beanie would. Agree on this one? Even if my hair has volume, after wearing a hat for a few hours, it deflates and it look weird. Fluffy at the ends and flat at the top. I use hairspray but that doesn’t help much if I put my beanie on. Still, I do prefer to keep warm rather than having an awesome hairdo but freezing my head off.
Now I am off to do a bit more shopping because the Christmas presents search is never over. I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas, but then it’s only once a year. Any tips on what to buy? Quick and hassle free please!






 Coat: Here
Shorts: Here
Cardigan: Here
Sweatshort: George
Scarf: Mc/Queen
Handbag: Aupie
Boots: Stone Creek



Photos by Veres Krisztian


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