DIY Home Redesign

For those of you who know me very well this will not come as a shock anymore. For all the others, you might think that I am a bit crazy.

I am continuing to do home improvements to the extent that I take days off work to stay home and finish some of the projects we started around the house.

Today I finished mounting wooden floors in the last room, so the living room and kitchen are about done. I still need to acquire a new sofa, but I am very picky and I do want it to last and also get a design and color that matches the existing setting.

I don’t know about you, but home remodeling does have a certain relaxing mood to it. After working my ass off, I take a second and acknowledge what I achieved. The idea for the wooden floors  instead of the ceramic tiles we had was that it looks cleaner, it’s easier to keep it looking tidy and it also gives a lot of depth and brightness to the whole look because I picked a light color for it.

Do it on your own?

Surely it is important to ask for professional services from an interior designer, but there are so many ideas and tutorials on the web, that I think it’s not worth the money at this time.  I always do my research and try to foresee all the mistakes & problems that might occur so I could minimize the effect on the long term. And until now, I managed to plan and create pretty beautiful and well built interior design for most of the rooms in our house, but I know people that wouldn’t trust themselves  in doing this on their own.

As far as my favorite remodeled room may concern, I love my desk and dressing room, but I guess the most original design I’ve ever made was for the bathroom.

Shower or tub?

The idea was to take the old tub out and opt for a built in shower. I’ve seen so many kohler luxstone shower designs that I fell in love instantly especially at Lafayette. The only problem was that we didn’t have space to add also a tub in that bathroom as it would have been a bit complicated to bath the baby into the shower rather than a simple tub. So we stuck to the old version, but then we wanted something different. We used ceramic tiles that gave the impression of mosaic tiles, but much cheaper. And the highlight of the bathroom remodelling was actually the copper tubes we added around the mirror and bath tub ares. All the other metallic accessories were bronze-copper to match the decorative pipes.

But before you start anything, you should check this list and if you asked yourself any of these questions before taking decisions:

  • Practical or just beautiful?
  • Is it worth paying for( long lasting, high quality, unique etc)?
  • Is it too modern & unique to still be cool in more than 5 years from now?
  • Does the option you went for fit within your initial budget?
  • Can you clean everything easily?

DIY Easter Table Arrangement

diy easter arrangement

How to prep up a chic table arrangement in just a few minutes?


Iulius Mall Timisoara gave us a small challenge, setting up a creative Easter table arrangement using the kit we were assigned with.

Because less is more, I didn’t want to overcrowd the whole setting so I didn’t decorate any details on the items I got.

So I tried to add color through food, flowers and Easter eggs. My secret word was “lines”. I used lines in my marbled eggs. If you haven’t seen the tutorial yet, you might just want to have a look now.

russian pipping tips cupcake design

I have seen so many beautiful cupcake designs on Pinterest recently so I went and got myself some of those famous Russian pipping tips which are absolutely fantastic. still, I think my whipping cream wasn’t to stiff enough because the flowers didn’t actually turn out as I thought they would The first few flowers came out ok then they just pipped out ordinary. I will surely try again, but maybe you have some tips for me. Have you used them before?

Many of you asked me what were those eggs filled with? Well, it’s a delicious cream made with avocado. I will post the recipe in a future post, I promise. They are very healthy, low fat, yummy and beautiful I might say. I used them as a decoration in this whole Easter setting but the bunnies didn’t actually turn out as I wanted them to. Still I think they look quite ok.

Now back to lunch with the whole family!

I hope you will enjoy your holidays with the loved ones and that Easter Bunny got you the presents you wanted!

Happy Easter dears!


diy easter arrangement

marbled easter eggs


diy easter arrangement

diy easter arrangement


avocado deviled eggs

diy easter arrangement



DIY Mercury Glass

Metallic Vase-Vintage Feel

I saw these beauties a while ago on pinterest and wanted to try them out myself. First think I got was this vintage vase which was around 2 dollars, a real bargain.

I documented some ideas and made a short shopping list for what I needed to get started.


Shopping list:

  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • White vinegar
  • Vase or vases
  • A cloth and some water
  • Looking glass spray or chrome


That’s all! Add a bit of time, passion and creativity to it

mercury glass


Step by Step

1. Clean your vase and spray a mist of half water half white vinegar

2.Then spray  a thin coat of your looking glass spray. I used chrome spray paint.

3. After 30 seconds to even 1 minutes, wipe of the water droplets.

4. Repeat several times until you’ve got the results you wanted. You can also spray a thin coat of transparent spray color to be sure it stays on.


Because I realized I could actually also as a candle holder or just for electric lights in this super cute mercury glass vase.

Having those small transparent part, having lights inside will just make everything a bit more classy.


EXTRA TIP: For more diversity, use copper spray and try out a similar idea. I will use it on a crackled vase, to check how it could out this way.


diy mecury stained glass

I really love how it turned. It’s a very modern yet very vintage piece of decoration.

If I would do it again, I would try to spray copper spray again.I am sure it will look simply amazing.

Old meets knew in the best combination ever on the simplest vase.

Would you try it out? Would you choose copper or gold?


diy vintage painted vase

mercury vase

BAD_6015 (Copy) BAD_6022 (Copy)

I also did a small DIY with eggs, but you will see tutorial only a few days before Easter. Very easy to do and yet interesting. so why not surprise your guests with some DIY crafty details from your home. I am not sure if the eggs are eatable because of the dye, but they sure look very nice.


mercury glass with lilght

As for the lights, I got mini diamond light from Lidl. It looked really nice and it could grow fast, but I think they are stuck a bit.

BAD_6065-3 (Copy)

mercury glass


What do you say? Keep them or not?

DIY Decorating

diy decorating

Zebra Rug

For about a month I started redecorating the house. I started step by step focusing on details, decorations and textures that I really wanted to feature.

Still not done yet, but it’s starting to look better and better.

The first thing, after the curtains of course, was getting a cool rug. I wanted a nice touch but when I started looking  for a fancy carpet I realized that paying over $700 for a rug is really too much because it won’t last that long.

I really don’t like getting my guests to take off their shoes, also my dogs enter the house without cleaning their paws, so why not make a better choice and spare some money on things that are much more important.

I decided to try out something so I went out and grabbed everything I needed for a custom DIY zebra rug.

It’s actually very simple, but it does take a lot of time to paint it all over.

I wanted a really big one, so it took me around 6 hours to finish it.

You need:

  • non elastic-beige suedette fabric(or any color you prefer)
  • two A0 papers for the stencil
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • textile color ( I used around 200 ml)
  • a brush

I got 2,5m of beige suedette but you can try it out on a smaller piece first. So first I measured out and drew the stencil on a smaller paper then scaled it up and printed it on two A0 papers. Cut out the basic outline and  then using a pencil started drawing the outline of what would be the zebra stripes later on.

You can surely start painting over by hand but being such a larg drawing, I wanted to be sure I won’t mess up.

After finishing the outline I cut the shape of the zebra hide and started painting the stripes.

Even if it appears black, it’s actually a dark brown. I mixed two colors to make out the dark brown because it matched my other furniture pieces. You can try out different colors, even something more bold like dark blue, red or green if you like.

So after around 4-5 hours of painting, it’s done. Now all you need to do is wait for it to dry out and then iron it with a cloth over to set the paint.

And that’s it! Easy as pie.

Would you try it?


diy decorating



diy decorating

DIY Henna Tattoo

DIY Henna Tattoo

Simple Henna Hand Design

I started doing henna designs about a year ago and I got really great feedback. People started asking me where I got it made, if it’s complicated to do it on themselves, or where I bought henna from.

So I guess a DIY  Henna Tattoo clip would be the best  starting point in answering a few of these questions.


I buy henna from different online shops. Here is one of them :

As far as designs are concerned, I get inspired but I never tried to make the same design 1:1. I tend to improvise on the way.

Here are some of the designs I tried out on myself and others.

henna hand tattoo

henna hand design


simple henna design


I know there are several colors for henna paste but I used only black and I also recently got a red henna colored cone, which is a traditional color.

I find it very simple to draw even on yourself, and it lasts long enough not to get bored of it.

If you want a longer lasting design that looks like a real tattoo, you should try this special Ink I talked about here.

Here is a short clip I made during the latest design I drew on myself. Do you like it?

diy henna tattoo

DIY Bad Hair Day Braid

easy hair braid

Fancy Hairdo under 5 minutes

A perfect outfit could be destroyed by a  bad hair day just like that, in two seconds.

I have a habit, and a rule that is: not washing my hair more often than once every three days, with exceptions of course.  As I told you , I use the JBeverly Hills pack, with shampoo and mask, it’s perfect for dyed hair because it also repairs the structure. You can read more about the products in this post.

You can find the products in Timisoara at Princess hair system Salon

So when I have a bad hair day I fix it really fast, in under 5 minutes.  How? A quick special hairdo that will turn that dull hair in something really special.

Easy to do, no need for special skills because I myself can’t do a perfect fish braid. It’s all just a trick actually and you will surely love it. You can also even turn it into a more classy look by making a small bun instead of that ponytail. Sure, you can improvise and do so many alterations according to your hair type and style.

Check out the video tutorial I made and let me know if you liked it! Do you want more?




jbeverly hills


easy hair braid



lace hair replacement systems


DIY embellished hat

lace knits winter look


DIY embellished hat

A vintage hat with modern embellishments

As soon as I saw this hat I knew what I wanted to do with it. Simple, grey, with a masculine scent, perfect. Then I went out and got all the supplies I nedded and it was ready in less than one hour. I handsewn the ribbons, chain and put up together the metallic charms. I am really happy with how it turned out so I ordered more supplies to make a mini collection. Can’t wait to show it!

Would you wear it?


Palarie cu decoratiuni metalice-DIY

O palarie vintage cu aplicatii moderne

De cum am gasit palaria asta am stiut ce vreau sa fac cu ea. Am cumparat toate materialele de care am avut nevoie si in aproximativ o ora a fost gata. Am cusut fiecare panglica in parte dupa care am atasat piesele metalice, foarte simplu. Mi-a placut foarte mult cum a iesit si m-am decis sa pregatesc o mini colectie.

Ce ziceti? ati purta asa o palarie?


diy embellished hat look

Cardigan: Here /  Sweater: local store / Dress worn as skirt:Here / DIY embellished hat


diy embellished hat look


lace knits winter look



diy embellished hat look


diy embellished hat look diy embellished hat look



diy embellished hat look


lace knits winter look


Photos by Veres Krisztian


DIY Plant pot cover

This is actually a small part of an old project made for Casa si gradina magazine. A very easy way to reinvent your plant pots covers. Pots tend to get ugly in time and there is no sens in always getting new ones. A cute idea  is to use your big yogurt buckets as pot covers. Make them look nice by painting something or stick different fabrics, crystals, beads or any other decorations according to your room design. Easy, fast and cheap.

Would you try it?

You can find all the items you below

plant pot thread diy

diy plant pot cover paint thread

refurbish plant pot


DIY Lace Earrings

 I’m back after a trip gone BAD… really bad. as in vomiting on the way up to the skiing slope. That never happend before in my life, but well, there is always a first. But from now on, I will never  be a backseat passanger again… I prefer driving myself anywhere. Besides all that, my cold is still here…. so I am fighting this too. I can’t wait for this year to end, these past few days were too much for me….
Now for more interesting stuff, I got a new tutorial for you guys. Simple lace earrings that you can make under 5 minutes. Hope you like it, and I would appreciate your feedback on this.
 And the winners for the dressale giveaway are:  Calin Andreea Daniela and  Georgyaa Geoo
Am revenit dupa o excursie stresanta sa ii zic asa. Mi-a fost foarte rau , iar sus pe serpentine a trebuit sa oprim sa vomit…ceea ce nu mi s-a mai intampla niciodata in viata, si am mers ceva cu masina in diferite ocazii. Dar de acum inainte nu voi mai merge in spate ca pasager… prefer sa conduc eu … Pe langa astea sunt tot racita si bag fructe, ceaiuri…. prefer sa nu iau medicamente.
Acum sa vorbim despre chestii mai interesante. Am pregatit un nou tutorial , de data aceasta e vorba de cercei din dantela. Simplu si rapid, sub 5 minute puteti face o pereche superba, chiar si pentru noaptea de revelion, aveti timp. Sunt curioasa daca va place.
Avem si castigatoarele concursului sponsorizat de dressale:
Calin Andreea Daniela si  Georgyaa Geoo


DIY Beauty

 I love home made beauty products because  you know exactly what you put in it and they really work.
I am addicted to my coffee body scrub and honey, cinnamon, lemon face mask. Do you use home made beauty products? I am looking for some cool recipes, and I would love it if you shared yours too. Browsing around, I found some  very nice and interesting tricks that I would try out. Feel free to comment with your recipes links, I will enjoy reading them.
Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY too!
Iubesc produsele home made, mai ales cele cosmetice pentru ca stii exact ce pui in ele si in plus si sunt foarte bune in acelasi timp.
Eu sunt dependenta de scrubul meu cu cafea si masca de fata din miere, lamaie si scortisoara. Voi folositi produse  facute acasa? Eu sunt in cautare de retete noi asa ca m-as bucura daca mi-ati impartasii trucurile voastre.
In timp ce cautam pe internet, am gasit cateva trucuri si retete simpatice pe care vreau sa le incerc. 
Puteti lasa link  cu retete, sau pareri, impresii, abia astept sa le citesc
Nu uitati de CONCURS!

DIY Embellished gloves


 So here is how I made my own embellished gloves similar to ones from yersterday’s post.
I took some old gloves from granny’s closet, textile color,a paint brush, some thread and neddle for sewing and rhinestones, spikes, pearls .
You can actually pick any decorations you like and mix them up.
First I painted some abstract lines on each glove and let it dry.
After that I glued the rhinestones, pearls and spikes as I wanted them to be later sewn; it’s much easier to sew them after if they stay in place.
If I would have added some lace trimmings a sewing machine might have come in handy. It works quicker and the result is flawless.
So this is it. Very simple and original . What do you think?
Sa va arat cum mi-am facut eu manusile asemanatoare cu cele prezentate in postul de ieri.
Am luat niste manusi vechi din dulapul bunicii, vopsea pentru textile, o pensula, ata si ac de cusut, cristale, perle si tepi. Voi puteti alege practic orice decoratiuni doriti si sa le combinati dupa bunul plac.
Prima data am pictat modelul dorit si l-am lasat la uscat. Apoi am lipit decoratiunile sub forma dorita; e mai simplu de cusut odata ce stau lipite la loc.
Sigata! Foarte simplu si original. Va place?









DIY chain fedora hat

 I am back with the tutorial I told you about. Here is how I did my own chain fedora hat that is similar to the one zara, but this way you will save some money  that you can use to buy something you can’t really make.
All you need is a simple hat, in any color , I wanted mine black , some chain, pliers, thread and a long needle.You should measure your hat first so that you know how much chain you need.
Start by sewing the chain to the hat getting every 3-4 mails so that you ensure a good fix. You can also pin it first , it could be easier..
Once you get to the end, get the pliers and detach  some mails so that it would be an exact fix.
That’s all!
Easy, fast, cheap.
Would you try it?
Am revenit cu tutorialul promis si va dezvalui felul in care am reusit eu sa imi fac palaria sa fie similara cu cea de la zara. In acest fel reusiti sa economisiti niste banii cu care puteti cumpara ceva ce chiar rnu puteti face singuri.
Aveti nevoie de o palaria, orice culoare, eu am vrut neagra, un lant destul de lat, patent, ata si ac de cusut.
Incepeti prin a coase lantul de palarie fixand tot a 3-4 za pentru ca lantul sa stea egal peste tot. Se poate prinde in prima faza doar cu ace, ar putea fi mai usor de cusut. 
Cand ati ajuns la capat luati patentul si inlaturati cate zale e nevoie pentru ca lantul sa fie fix.
Si e gata!
Simplu, ieftin si rapid.
Ati incerca?

DIY Jewelry Display

 Here is a fast, cheap and very easy to do project.
I never have enough space to put my accessories in so I created this display in my room. I love the fact that my room is in the attic and wooden beams are visible. 
I picked an interesting branch that I cut off a tree from my yard when we did the autumn trimmings .
 I just needed an electric screwdriver and a screw . I made a hole through the branch and set it up with a screw in the beam
. That’s all, just hang up the bling!
Do you like it?
Un proiect simplu, ieftin si ysor de facut .
Eu niciodata nu am loc destul pentru accesorii si m-am gandit sa imi fac un suport de bijuterii. 
Imi place foarte mult ca am camera la mansarda , iar grinda e vizibila.
Am ales o crenguta interesanta dupa taierile ce le-am facut in gradina acum toamna. Mai aveam nevoie de o bormasina si un surub..Am facut o  gaura in creanga in locul in care vroiam sa o prind, apoi am bagat surubulprin ea si am fixat-o in grinda. Si gata! Mai trebuia doar sa pun bijuteriile.
Va place?

DIY Neon Crystal Jewelry

  Here is  simple and fancy project you can do yourself. Chose your nailpolish colors and you can make any design that your dream about. I chose a simple crystal necklace and earrings and some neon colored nailpolishes.
Draw your idea, or simply  go for it just like I did. I just started coloring the crystals one by one, creating the  pattern as I went on. I used the polish’s brush but you can get thinner ones if you can’t use the thick one. It’s just like that. Get the polish, color the crystals and there you go! 
One unique necklace.
Un proiect simplu si foarte distractiv pe care il poate face oricine cu putina rabdare. Alegeti cateva culori de lac de unghii si cu putina imaginatie puteti face orice model doriti . Eu am ales un colier simplu cu doua randuri de cristale, o pereche de cercei si cateva lacuri  de unghii in culori neon.
Desenati-va ideea, sau pur si simplu faceti modelul din mers asa cum am facut si eu. Am luat pensula de la lac si am inceput sa colorez cristalele unul cate unul.Daca e prea groasa pensula luati una subtire de pictura. Atat de simplu, colorati cristalele cu gata.
Aveti un colier unic!

DIY Chain braided bracelet

 Here is a highly requested DIY that you all wanted to see. A colorful chain braided bracelet. With this technique  you can even make a necklace. All you need are some pliers, tape, colorful cotton thread, some  jumprings ,a clasp, scissors,chain.
Un tutorial extrem de cerut pe care vroiati sa vi-l arat. Cum facem o bratara din lant impletita cu ata colorata. Cu aceasta tehnica puteti face chiar si coliere. Aveti nevoie de un cleste , banda adeziva, ata colorata de  goblen, zale, o carabina, o foarfeca si lant.
 Measure the chain around your wrist and cut/ remove it to the lenght needed. Then measure the thread 3 times as long as the bracelet will be. Do that with all 6 threads.(you can pick as many colors as you want.)
Masoara ce lungime vrei lantul si taie la acea dimensiune. Ia ata si masoara de 3 ori lungimea  bratarii, atat va avea un fir. Repeta procedeul pentru toate cele 6 fire( poti alege cate culori vrei).
 Make a knot atone end
Fa un nod la capat.
 Divide into two,cut the ends even and tape them a bit. It’s easier to braid it this way.
Imparte firele in doua(cate 3), taie varfuril egal si pune putina banda adeziva. E mai usor de impletit asa.
.Put one thread  through the first ring and behind the second thread.
Incepe prin a baga un  capat prin prima za si in spatele celuilalt grup de ate.

Put the second one into the same ring from the back to the front. ( like braiding backwards.)
 Al doilea grup va fi bagat din spate spre fata si pe sub celalalt grup.(ca si cand ai impleti invers)
 Repeat these steps for each ring  until you ge to the end.
Repeta acesti pasi pentru fiecare za in parte pana ce ajungi la capat.
 Almost done.
Aproape gata.
 Tie the thread at the end with a tight knot and cut the excess.
Leaga capatul atelor cu un nod strans si taie restul de ate ramas.
 Mount the jumpring and clasp on one side. There you go!Simple as that!
Monteaza zala si carabina. Gata! atat de simplu.

Would you like more DIY projects?
Doriti mai multe astfel de tutoriale?