So I have been following Cindy’s blog for a while now and I really love her rocking elegant looks that fit her perfectly. I saw a post a few days ago on her blog and it seems she is resigning from and there is an open spot so I thought that I will try my luck
Why I should be the next whatstrend blogger?
 I think I am suitable for the job because actualy I have all the skills for it. I am a fashion designer, working for my own label, I also do many styling jobs for campaigns and photoshootings that you can see here . Besides all this, I love photography, travelling ,cooking, and making flower arrangements. I think my contribution to  would be a great way to a new dimension to the word FASHION. 
From the LOTD, styling and shopping tips, DIY projects, culinary art and recipies, to photography and flower design all in one Fashionable but also Personal Diary, my blog.
You can check out or try your luck here:
Have a great day!