Shopping for Hair Extensions the Right Way

Hair extensions are real or synthetic hair strands that can be attached to the scalp or a number of hair strands connected to the scalp. They are designed to be able to instantly add length and volume to your hair so it can be styled in more ways than before. For this reason, they are considered the best solution to hair that’s too short for a ponytail or too thin for a bun.

If you have considered getting pieces to use, you are most likely already aware that there are many extensions available in the market nowadays, but that not every piece available is suitable for you. To prevent confusion when shopping for pieces to use, check out the buying guide highlighted below.

* Quality is key, so only purchase pieces made from actual human hair. You can get a piece of human hair extension online or via a physical store. These products can cost quite much, but at least they last quite long with proper care and maintenance and look no different from the strands on your head.

* Determine the length of extensions that you need. Before you get a few pieces of extensions, it is important to know how long these need to be. If most of the strands on your head are already long and you need hair extensions only to add volume, you can get extensions that are as long as your natural strands. However, if your natural hair is in layers, you need to get extensions of varying lengths so you can achieve longer and thicker hair without the extensions standing out.

You can also determine the length of extensions you need by measuring the length of the hair from centre to tips. The exact location of the centre of your locks depends on the type of hair you have, and you may experience difficulties finding it. If you do experience some difficulties, make sure to set an appointment with the stylist immediately.

Once you have determined the length of your hair from centre to tips, you must then proceed with addingthe number of inches you want to add to your hair’s length. For instance, let’s say you wish to add five more inches to your total hair length, and you learned that the length of your hair from centre to tips is ten inches. Therefore, you need to get extensions 15 inches long from a trusted dealer.

* Determine the type of extensions you need. When choosing extensions, keep in mind that there are so many different options out there, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make your choice according to how long you want the products on your head as well as the thickness of your hair.

* Make sure to get extensions that bear exactly the same colour as your actual locks. Wearing extensions that bear a lighter or darker shade than your actual strands will make it very obvious that you have extensions on your head. So before you purchase pieces online or offline, ask a stylist to visually assess the colour of your actual locks. By doing so, you will know the exact colour of the extensions you need to purchase.

Note on the above step: If you want your hair done in ombre, get pieces made from actual human hair, which can be coloured along with your actual strands.

Once you have purchased your pieces, ask a stylist to attach them to your head. Never attach pieces, especially those that are intended to last long, on your own, even if you have professional experience. The results will look terrible, and you can damage your natural strands this way.

Once the pieces have been set up, follow proper hair extension maintenance procedures. Two of the most important extension maintenance steps are gently washing extensions and sleeping with a shower cap or silk bonnet on.



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