Shorts and Boots

Never out of style

  It’s no secret that I love to wear my ankle boots with shorts. I think that they make my legs look longer and slimmer, plus they are very comfortable and could be the best mix for a more different casual look rather than just jeans, sneakers and tshirts. If it gets cold, a cozy knitted cardigan would be the ideal jacket you might carry in your bag, instead of any classic coat that might get wrinkled in the small bag. When it comes to picking out shorts, I have some basic rules:

1. They have to be the right length. Too short would look vulgar, too long would make my legs look chubby.

2. Perfect fit- not too tight, better much looser. You should keep this in mind when you pick out shorts. Try them on every time.

3. Almost alway jeans or leather. Not really of a chiffon, lace mix fan. I prefer jeans or leather textures anytime.

A new little obsession I made lately is related to backpacks. I got three new bags that I wear on a daily basis because they are very practical and I can carry all my stuff around without hurting my shoulder that I had broken a few years ago. Going for bike rides or even to work, backpack are the best picks when you need spacious bags. They look really nice with casual sneakers, flats or even high heels, sandals and even boots. I think I will try out a look with some knee high boots too. Curious about that?

What do you like to wear in autumn?

shorts and boots

Boots: Similar / Shorts: Similar: Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/ Bag: Here/ Top: B.A.D. style

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shorts and boots

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