Skinny Jeans and Styles That Date You

Skinny jeans – a style that never fades

Just like the LBD, jeans have never gotten out of fashion even though there are trends and specific styles that are more or less in style every season depending on the designer’s ideas.

Skinny jeans have always had their special place in fashion because of their sexy-versatility.

Picking the right pair would ensure that your body would be perfectly highlighted. Sexy legs, uplifted thighs and that small waist you’ve been working on.

Don’t have a pair of sexy skinny jeans in your wardrobe?

I highly doubt that, but I am sure that if you haven’t learned about their magic, I will convince you to go out and find your perfect fit.

Why are skinny jeans so versatile?

Basically because they flatter and seduce. They area simple, not pretentious and they don’t demand much.

Casual outfit with skinny jeans

For summer crop tops or oversized T-shirts with funky prints would be your best friend. Go comfy with sneakers or glam-cool with heels.

Cocktail outfit with skinny black jeans

Skinny black coated jeans are the thing. Pair them up with a spaghetti strapped sequined top, a classic blazer and you know you will not get unnoticed. If you want a sexy club look, drop the top and get a simple corset that will boost your self esteem, if you know what I mean.

Preppy chic with jeans

Jeans and shirts are always in. It’s just a matter of style and how you pair them to change a look from naughty to nice.

Comfy cozy for a winter party

Skinny jeans, moonboots and a fluffy sweater is all you need for a casual day at the lodge. Be sure to wear a sexy crop top underneath the sweater just in case there will be a party starting after dinner. You can never know.

How to pick the perfect skinny jeans?

Easy! Check the list and be sure to take everything into account.

Go for  high quality skinny jeans to be sure they will not be worn off and loose after just a few wears.

Elastic jeans look best as they won’t be strangling your legs and knees when you sit down. Not too elastic but not too stiff, just in between.

Depending on your style pick the color to fit your wardrobe. Black and white jeans are easier to pair, but dark blue will be the iconic color that flatter the design most.

Go grunge and get ripped jeans if you feel like it, but remember that they will always stay on the casual side.

Last but not least because this is probably the most important aspect, pick the right size.

If you go for a smaller size to ensure perfect fitting, you might want to reconsider. They would be really uncomfortable and everybody might think you put on some weight. Not too big either as they will not fit perfectly. Always check the size chart and measure yourself to find the ideal pair online. It takes some time but it will be worth it.

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