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What to wear with a skirt?


If you love skirts but you still ask yourself,  “What to wear with a skirt?”, then you need to read on and get inspired from these stylish skirt outfits for every season.

I do like skirts, but I wouldn’t see myself wearing them all day everyday. I prefer denim or leather skirts for most of my outfits but then, from time to time I do love to experiment with other textures too like wool or suede.

Many of you asked about some outfit posts regarding skirts outfits so I tried to make a compilation of my favorite looks and talk a bit about my idea on how to style skirts.

How to create fun skirt outfits

  • When I pick a skirt, I tend to search for a contrasting texture to mix it for the upper clothing piece. For example, a leather skirt with a silk top or a soft jersey T-shirt. A fine suede skirt with either a soft shirt or a bulky knitted pullover.


  • Using volumes is a way to create stylish looks too. If the skirt is fitted, pick a rather loos top to balance it. Use these volumes to create body flattering silhouettes because you can easily improve your looks this way with just some little tricks.


  • If you really love your summer skirts but you do not want to freeze your ass off while wearing them in winter, then go buy yourself some warm tights and high boots that would do the trick. I love pairing skirts with boots because they do look so awesome together. Combat boots with a knitted skirt or dress is a very cool mix if you are into the rock chic mood.

How to pick a skirt like a pro

If you do not know what fits you best, be sure to try different styles and check yourself out in the mirror; maybe even ask a friend. It’s true that not every style fits everyone. A body is unique and the basic rules do not apply always as in the book. You might see a woman that you think has a similar body type as yours but that skirt she is wearing might make you look fat even if you might be weighing less. It’s just that not everything might suit your profile so don’t be sad about it, embrace this and get to know yourself better.

I know I tried so many skirts on until I found the style that really fit me and I advise you to do the same.


Which are your favorite skirts and how do you like to pair them up?

suede skirt look


wrapped skirt look


autumn skirt look


denim skirt look



coat and skirt outfits


tutu skirt outfit


Skirt Outfits glitter


casual skirt outfit


leather skirt outfit


Skirt Outfits


pleated skirt outfit



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