Skull Tattoos for Girls

When I decided to get a skull tattoo everyone was like, oh no, a skull?! Yeah, A taurus skull made of lace. Weird smiles and doubts on people’s faces, but I never cared, I knew exactly what I wanted.

But let’s look back….

Chinese sign-Courage

My tattoo story started when I was 17 kind of funny actually. I used to draw the chinese sign on my abdomen with an eyeliner and my dad said one day, hey that’s looks pretty cool. Hmmm, I thought why not get it for real. I found a place that did semi-permanent tattoos, like the cosmetic ones, so I told my parents that I want to get my chinese sign for real. They were like: you are crazy…. but then they signed my approval paper that I took with me when I got my tattoo scheduled. Done! But it never faded:))) Dad said: Semi-permanent you say… after 4 years it never faded…. Well, let’s make it a bit darker I said. So we both went to another tattoo salon and we got the same too, the one I have below the neck, on my spine.

It says Carpe Diem and people say it’s not for me because I am not spontaneous,  I never jump for things, but for me it means something else. Each of us have a personal vision upon life, I live mine as I wish, I hope you do too.

The signature on my right shoulder is actually my parent’s signature. I believe we are our parent’s signatures and grow from there into real humans. I am very grateful for how my parents brought me up, I am proud to  have them both!

The mandala taurus skull has a longer story…. I wanted a drawing, but I never get any tattoo that doesn’t have a meaning for me. I never wanted butterflies, flowers,  or any other girlish drawings, then it struck me.

My perfect tattoo that actually is me: fragile as lace, strong as a bull. It also reflects my passion for designing, using soft fabrics like lace mixed with though textures, here the bone horns. I had the whole idea, but couldn’t sketch a thing, and if I never wanted to design it in the first place. A year passed without finding any similar design to what I wanted. I couldn’t believe that there was no lace skull tattoo.

Then I had the best ever, Dushky, my talented friend came to the rescue. She made two designs for me and I picked the second one with minor adjustments that I did, still it’s 99% as she drew it. Absolutely perfect!

After 2 hours of work and almost 3 years of waiting I finally got my perfect skull tattoo, and yes it’s for girls.

A girlish skull that speaks about me.

How do you pick your tattoos? It just has to look good or does it have a meaning too?



skull tattoos for girls



tattoo ideas for girls tattoo ideas for girls



skull tattoos for girls

skull tattoo ideas for girls


skull tattoo ideas for girls

skull tattoo for girls

Tattoo designed by Dushky



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