Sporty Luxe

Mixing sport with elegant styles

Two totally different styles that make this sporty luxe mix sit right at the edge of like or hate. It’s an intriguing combination that will make you feel that you are not very sure whether to try it or forget about it. At leas that’s what I thought about when I checked this trend out a while ago.

But what is Sporty luxe?

According to “Sports Luxe is the definition of modern, comfy and cool. Think vests, bomber jackets and wedged hi-top trainers for a wearable look with a spirit of athleticism.”

And here I am sporting this luxe mix like it was my own. A mesh overlay on a sports bra mixed with a casual pencil skirt, a sequined jacket and some high heeled mesh sandals.

Styling it differently?

Surely this would look as cute with a pair of white Superstars but then it wouldn’t have been luxe, just sporty chic. Still, this is a mix you can easily play with. Trade the skirt with a pair of jogging pants, or the bag with a backpack or bum bag. Ditch the skirt and add tracksuit pants for the ultimate sporty-elegant look.

Tones of ideas starting from a simple yet very edgy(if you would ask me) outfit.

Talking about mixing and styling, I had a cute yet funny encounter with the Heidi Klum Esmara collection. I heard about the collaboration but haven’t checked out designs before they hit the stores, so basically I just saw them on display right at LIDL when the collection was out for sale. Simple, comfy and very versatile pieces that basically I already owned . I made this sequin jacket last year and worn it on many of my trips just because it looks awesome and feels great. Then, I saw a leopard printed jacket that looked very familiar, but even if the print is very very similar, I still love mine better.

Basically the new collection signed by Heidi Klum is a cool starting point for outfits similar to this one. Sporty luxe that incorporates versatile sporty items with more luxurious, elegant pieces to make your personal style a real statement!

So what do you say? Sporty luxe? Love it or hate it?

Sporty Luxe


Jacket: B.A.D. style / Sandals: GX by Gwen Stefani / Bag: Zac Posen / Top: Sammydress / Skirt; B.A.D. style

sequined varsity jacket

casual pencil skirt look

pravana red vivids sport chic look

sequin jacket outfit

black skirt outfit

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