Summer Dresses Under $15

Summer shopping should start now if you didn’t fill up your wardrobe yet. Maybe you’ve beens saving money for a shopping spree, or you hesitated in buying that kinda expensive dress that you saw last week. But what if I tell you that there are other options?

summer dresses under $15

Dresses under $15

Like getting 3-4 dresses at the price of one? Here are some simple dresses that will surely be fashionable next year too so you won’t regret buying them. All are under $15 so no need to break the bank for them. Chiffon, lace and printed fabrics , you can find the perfect dress because you have tons of styles to choose from.

You might like to pair your ripped shorts with some printed tshirts for every day looks. This is my favorite kind of outfit for summer days, plus some edgy, colorful sneakers so I can walk all day long or ride my bike together with my friends.

I found these awesome prints and many more at under $10.A bargain I might say! Can’t say which I like best, but the color splatter horse looks really awesome.

So what do you think? Which are on your shopping list?

summer tops under $10

Tops under $10

I think I am going for the teal flare dress with lace sleeves because this summer is all abut being rock-boho. Mixing bohemian inspired items with rock accessories. I would see this dress with some biker boots or strappy sandals, fake ear expanders and layering thin chain necklaces. Suede fringed vests should be on the shopping list if you don’t own one yet. They are very chic and versatile for both a more edgy festival look or even a casual day outfit. Don’t forget about straw hats or maybe embellished fedora hats like mine I wore with the leather lace up dress or even wide belts with studded details for an authentic boho look.

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