Summer hairstyles

During summer it’s very important to pick not just beautiful hairstyles but also ones that provide comfort.

And when I mean this, I generally refer to sweating and getting your hair into your face while enjoying a breezy day at the beach.

In order to get you inspired, I will tell you  which are my top picks when it comes to stylish yet comfortable hairstyle for hot summer days.

sleek ponytail
ponytail fashion

For a casual day at the office, I always pick a simple ponytail. Easy to achieve and you don’t need extra skills in order to style it every morning. The key is to find a nice hair tie or just learn how to cover the band with your own hair and pin it to ensure it will stay that way. You can go for a sleek ponytail or a curly one that’s a bit more flirty and fun.

The second favorite is a messy bun. I prefer a high bun because i am short and i fell this type of hairstyle would give me a bit of extra height. This can be sported even for a more fancy event as it is a very versatile type of hairdo. I usually use a hair sponge for extra volume. I think this hack makes it easier for women who are not skilled in styling their hair to get a cool look.

messy bun
source: Pinterest
double bun hairstyle
bun hairstyle
braided bun hairstyle
double bun
source: Pinterest

I also use sponges with my double bun hairstyle that I mainly go for when I attend a concert or festival. It makes me look and feel younger as it reminds me of a childhood cartoon series that I loved – Sailormoon. You can get this hairstyle without sponges too but you have to be skilled. I got it made by a hairstylist once and it looked perfect.

crown pull through braid
pull through braid
source: Pinterest

A crownbraid or pull-throught braid is another idea onhow to keep you hair up in a very stylish way. It’s quick and it stays put all day and all night. I used this trick to get my hair done when I was a godmother a few years ago. It was the best pick. I got it right from the first time I tried it, so it’s pretty easy to get it right.


Surely there are many more styles you can go for, but there are my favorites. Which are yours?

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