Summer Nail Colors

Nail trends: Shape, Style, Color

Every year brings new trends, old trends and innovations when it comes to fashion and of course the beauty department doesn’t get away either.

Women always like to experiment when it comes to beauty trends but not all of them have the courage to go all the way. Like dyeing or cutting their hair, reshaping eyebrows or microblading. These changes are very harsh and they could make or break your whole look. So we like to play it safe and go with more simple changes like playing with nail shapes and colors. We are talking about summer nail colors for a quick change of look.

Nail Shapes

From the short squared shape to the very edgy and elegant stiletto shape, they all come and go every season so it’s a matter of personal choice when it comes to picking the basic shape.

When you want to pick a new shape, go to a specialized salon and ask a technician to check your fingers and nail shape. They will see which style fits your anatomical shape. The way you style your nails should compliment your hands and not look very weird even if it’s the latest trend in nail styles.

Here’s a quick guide courtesy of

Nail Styles

When I hear nail style I think of simple and decorative. Either you like simple, colored  nails or you prefer the decorative kind with drawings, minx foils or even embellishments. But summer nail colors don’t actually need much embellishment for a stunning look. If you would ask me, I would just put on a bold color and that’s it, but if you like it more on the edge, you can try some designs.

From palm tree manicure to sea shells, mermaid scales, exotic fruits, cocktail glasses or pink flamingos, sunset ombres or even waves drawn on your fingertips. You name it, it’s all about imagination and preferences.






Summer nail colors

But back to the main idea of a quick, safe style change, you can just  pick a summerish color you like and paint it on your nails.

Whether you like mixing it up with different soft hues or maybe adding some texture with glitter, there isn’t any risk into this work of art.

Peachy, minty and soft hues are the best colors for summer and I tell you why. They are easy so match and of course the most important thing we think of during long sunny days… they match your super glowy tanned you’ve sweated for.





Still, if you would ask me, I would still go for something more dark like this cute dark matte vs glossy nude mix. It’s cool, bold and matches everything. I can wear it all season long even if it’s not so summerish, it look pretty cold with a perfect golden tan.



So what’s your pick for a summer nail color? Going neon, pastel or something a bit more dark?

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