The best of celebrity fashion lines

Living the celebrity life doesn’t keep some celebs fulfilled, it seems. Many have opted to branch into other industries, such as singer Victoria Beckham making strides in the fashion world, and rapper Kayne West bringing out his own clothing line. But which celebrity did it best?

Victoria Beckham – spice up your wardrobe

Victoria Beckham is well known for her part in the Nineties sensation, Spice Girls. After the band called it quits around 2000, Victoria switched her focus to fashion. The fact that she has been taken seriously in the high-fashion realm is a testament to her fashion flair and chic collections. In fact, in 2017, Victoria was awarded an Order of the British Empire for her services to the fashion industry.

Her fashion label launched in 2008, and became a regular on the catwalk of the New York Fashion Week. In 2011, she revealed a diffusion line called Victoria by Victoria Beckham. Her original garments include easy-to-wear going out dresses and stylish separates, and the collection has now been expanded to include popular accessories such as handbags, sunglasses and shoes.

Victoria’s label often features travel-inspired prints and cuts. Her latest collections have brought together silk pyjama shirts with skirts and the ‘Shacket’, which combines a classic shirt and jacket. In terms of colour, she often uses a darker colour palette in her designs, adding a pop of vibrancy here and there with oranges and greens.

But has it been a financial success? In 2016, Victoria Beckham’s fashion company had revenues of £36.3 million but in 2017, reports showed that losses rose by 78%. A spokesperson for the brand said that the losses were due to heavy investment in design, production, marketing and sales. There are upcoming deals with US retailer Target and Reebok which are expected to boost profits.

Kanye West – from rapping to threads

Kayne West made his name in the rapping world. He hit the main stage in the early 2000s when he released his debut album, The College Dropout, and has collaborated with big names since such as Rihanna and Jay Z. It was in 2015 when he launched his first season of clothing under his Yeezy clothing brand. West brought militaristic designed men’s shirts to the fashion industry with distressed fabrics and a nude colour palette — simple yet futuristic. This theme has followed right through to his season 6 collection. His wife Kim is often seen sporting the look as she’s photographed in her signature crop top, sweatpants and heels look.

Kayne has collaborated with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Adidas for a line of sneakers. People have been spotted camping outside of stores for days before the release of the trainers — which is surely an indicator of his success.

Jessica Simpson – exploring the country of fashion

Jessica Simpson has become an unlikely fashion designer star. Starting off as a singer and actress, she’s now behind a fashion brand that’s raking in millions.Simpson claims it’s because she knows what women want and need. She’s been many sizes in the past and is now a mother, and therefore understand what it’s like to go shopping as a ‘normal girl’ rather than a celebrity. Instead of going high-fashion as many celebrities do, Jessica targeted the mainstream market and it certainly paid off.

Comfort and affordability are key to Jessica’s modern America inspired line. Jessica has launched a range of clothing lines including swimwear, jeans, footwear and dresses that are recognisable by their playful prints and classic styles. She’s designed a collection that many women have the confidence to wear.

And her line has certainly been a success! In 2010 alone, her line earned $750 million in retail sales and her products are now sold in mainstream department stores such as Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Dillard’s. She is also selling in 30 different product categories, including home goods, in major American department stores.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – a double success

The Olsen twins have enjoyed success from a young age, having been cast in the American sitcom, Full House, at only nine months old. Following a successful acting career, the twins turned to high fashion and have been well-rewarded for it.

In 2006, they launched fashion line The Row. The girls refused to give any interviews about the brand in the first three years of its launch, keeping their celebrity status separate from the brand. They’re all about neutral colours and chic styles, using a colour palette of khaki, beige and white to create their sleek collection. With fluid column dresses, the girls injected some colour into their latest range — bringing lilac, red and dusty rose to the catwalk. Mary-Kate and Ashley also run fashion label Elizabeth and James, which is a younger and more affordable label named after their two younger siblings.

The pair have received acclaim for their work in fashion. Mary-Kate and Ashley were named Womenswear Designers of the Year in 2012 and 2015 by The Council of Fashion Designers of America and in 2014 were awarded the title of CFDS Accessory Designers of the Year.


Which line is the best? Of course, it’s all down to personal preference — for lovers of sports-inspired styles, it might be Kanye West, while high-fashion followers may prefer Victoria Beckham’s range. When it comes to sales, it seems as though Jessica Simpson triumphs — targeting all women and making them feel great!



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