The LBD- Why we need it!


Versatile and chic

The LBD is the all time favorite when it comes to, actually any occasion. You don’t know what to wear? Surely going for the simple black dress is the best idea. But why? Why is the LBD so famous?

  • It’s simple, modest, but still it is elegant without a doubt.
  • Black makes you look thinner, taller even if you choose a maxi dress. This happens because black absorbs light, it doesn’t reflect it like bright colors.
  • You can accessorize it easily. It goes with gold, silver even other prints, like these leopard heels I picked.
  • If it’s really simple, like a shift dress, from casual to elegant in a second. Just add a statement necklace and some sky high heels.

Really, it’s the superhero of all dresses. lin one, you just need to be creative and wear the lbd totally different each time. How about wearing it as a top? I can easily get this dress as a top with ripped jeans, heels or even with some leather trousers. Agree?

How would you wear a lbd?




Rochia neagra este favorita oricarei perioade, si a oricarei ocazii. Nu stii ce sa porti? Ia rochia neagra pentru ca sigur e cea mai buna varianta. Dar ce? De ce e asa faimoasa?

Emana simplitate, modestie si totusi e foarte eleganta.

Negrul te face sa pari mai subtire si mai inalta daca alegi o rochie simpla, lunga neagra. Negrul absoarbe lumina, nu  o reflecta ca alte culori mai deschise.

Se poate asorta foarte usor, merge cu auriu, argintiu , chiar si cu multe imprimeuri, leopard ca pantofii mei de exemplu.

De la o tinuta banala de zi , cu o rochie dreapta neagra, la una eleganta cu aceeasi rochie. Doar adaugi niste accesorii pretioase si sandale inalte.

E super-eroina tuturor rochiilor, trebuie doar sa iti pui imaginatia la contributie si o poti purta la nesfarsit in atatea variante diferite. Aceasta, o pot purta ca un top cu niste blugi rupti si tocuri inalte, sau chiar cu o pereche de pantaloni de piele.

Voi cum alegeti rochie neagra?Cu ce o purtati?





LBD: Here / Watch: Michael Kors/ Bag: Cathias Edeline / Shoes: Here / Sunglasses: Moschino










moschino glassess


Photos by Veres Krisztian


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