The Red Dress

The Bold Little Black Dress

Red is as classic and timeless as black, but it’s like the bold version of it.

Red build confidence because you need to have courage for such a strong color. All eyes on you and you really have to be up to it because getting intimidated is not a great idea.

Red pops and says sensuality, independence and sexiness. Yes, red is sexy even if you wear a long sleeve turtle neck maxi dress. It’s sexy because it has a story of it’s own.

Some consider red too much for a day to day look, they keep it a secret weapon when they attend a cocktail party.

I believe that’s wrong! You can wear red on a daily basis, but you have to take in everything that comes with. Especially getting all that attention.

It’s one of my favorite colors and as you can see below, I love featuring it in my collections.

the red dress

Dresses on

Like many other designs yu can mix a red dress with basically anything and create different styles just by adding texture or accessories.

From rock chic, boho to classic shirt dresses, red is the color to pick when you need a new little black dress.

Be bold, be BAD

the red dress

Rock chic       Boho Inspired         Shirt dress

red dress

Boho Maxi Dress

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