Top 4 Tools Online Business Should Use

We are living in a world where technology rules everything and whatever was left in the the analogical way of doing things has probably already gone forward to digital. You can observe this phenomenon by yourself if you have a look around you.

So many fashion magazines got thinner and thinner until some even went extinct. Most of them if not all, have created an online platform too which blew up overnight. Same things for the retail fashion. Mortar and brick stores close down as days pass and they move over to the online.

This is not surprising at all, it’s a way of life and the digital world offers so many other chances that a few years ago we might have not think of. Many entrepreneurs take the risk of building up their own online business and many also succeed, but it’s the great start that make a business really profitable. Knowing how and where to start from, how to organize yourself and where to invest more at first is a kind of recipe for success we all thrive for.


To make it a bit more clear for some of you that want to get things going with a big or small online business, I made a list of 4 tools you need to take into account when starting your business.


  1. Getting your team organized.

Basecamp or Asana are really popular. You can create a plan for your team and see what need to be done, by whom, when is the deadline and what changes while the project is running. These help by freeing time you would spend in meeting and searching for email and documents you thought you had somewhere. Everything in one place so that the whole team can have access to the info.


  1. Managing data

A very important thing if you are handling big data, you need to use the right data management tools to be sure nothing leeks and all the data is used accordingly. This data management has become a very sensitive subject recently and every company should be aware of the possible problems that could appear in managing data. Profisee is one tool that basically does the work for you. Easy to use and very organized if I can say so.


  1. Customer support and lead management

No matter the online business model you have, keeping your customer happy is imperative. Either opt for something like Zendesk or you go even more personal and think about Whatsapp as a way of keeping in touch with your clients, you need to be sure that you keep them close.


  1. Social media presence

Even if you are not an agency, you most surely use social media to keep people aware of what you do, updates on your products and service but trying to keep everything organized is a bit complicated if you have multiple platforms. Hootsuite might just be the tool for you. Schedule posts for all you platforms very easily and keep count of what works and what not.




Getting started with an online business might look hard but the satisfaction that comes after can’t be described in words.

So are you up to the challenge?

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