Trends are not for everyone

Opps, that sounded harsh, but it’s so true. Trends are not for everyone,if you think this from an aesthetic point of view. Sure, you might like something Kendall Jenner wore, but she is skinny and tall, and you are not, so it might just look ridiculous on you.

But everyone is chasing trends just for that society stamp of approval, still most of them fail to see themselves in the mirror and agree that those 700$ Triple-S Balenciaga sneakers look like they are going skiing in the middle of summer. Same thing goes for the Louis Vuitton Archlight sneakers.

Yes, I do hate them, but I can understand some people like them as much as  I hate them. On the other hand, I feel that some styles are not for everyone. Even if I would  have liked them, they would have looked weird on my feet. I am short but I wear size 38 shoes, so my feet are not that small. Picture me wearing those Balenciaga sneakers… weird right?!

expensive fashion trends
archlight trend

Same thing goes for cycling shorts or crop top. If you don’t have the body to fit the trend, why try so hard to sport the trend? You might end up looking like you got locked out of the house and picked something from the neighbourg’s kid.

You might say I am mean, but I am just pin pointing facts here. I am just saying that you shouldn’t wear thing just for the sake of being trendy, or being hyped because you managed to buy yourself that expensive pair of shoes or latest bag design. I know it’s hard being part of this society that always wants to make you feel small, but I managed to stay real. I don’t care if people think anything about my fashion choices. Sometimes I wear T-shirts and jeans to work, similar items days in a row. That makes me feel comfortable so I wear them. Sometimes I have other fashionable choices like high waisted cargo pants and crop T-shirts with creeper sneakers or boots. Other times I go for boyish attire like boyfriend jeans and loose T-shirts with funny texts or prints.

cargo trousers
How to Wear Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
urban chic look leather ripped jeans

I rarely go for girly outfits but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my closet packed with Jimmy Choos, Marc Jacobs or  Calvin Kleins. I pick what I love, not what other think I should pay money on.

jimmy choo
how to wear leather shorts
calvin klein sandals guess

I really hate paying full price for some over priced items, so I’d be happier to find them in an outlet as being the last pair of last year’s collection. I will wear them with the same love as someone that paid the full price a year before.


I prefer spending money on travelling and making my home as I want to rather than getting that iconic  item from the latest collection just for public validation. Does that mean I am not fashionable? No, not from my point of view and frankly, I don’t care what others say. I am over that.

If staying fashionable is just spending a lot of money on things you would wear for a season or two, then trends are not for me.

Who’s in?

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