Trends in the Beauty Industry in 2020

From fancy treatments at the salon to pamper yourself at home, this is the summary for 2020.

If you thought you will take care of yourself more, pamper weekly, go to gym and get special treatments at salons, you might just be very disappointed at this point. 2020 was crazy and it’s no doubt that this affected the beauty industry so hard.

As salon and estheticians felt this as a big punch, the online beauty industry peaked to height no one ever estimated before. The climb was high and very fast as to many companies didn’t know how to react and grow as fast as the demand grew and the pressure was high. It still is even now, but many just know now how to administrate this better.

Organic beauty demand

There is a big growth in this field of organic beauty products from year to year. Women want simple, effective and safe products to use so this sector is growing steadily. If you are into such products, you need to search for Amanda Jo Organic Bunny because I know you will find a lot of high quality products that will enhance your natural beauty. No preservatives, dyes or perfumes, gluten free just the very best for a guilt free beauty routine.

Tech to the rescue

As beauty salons closed down,  women reached out to gadget focused online shops on the verge of trying to make up for the lack of ways to keep they most wanted treatments at hand.  Micro current technology has been very popular lately and not only for stars. They have gained exposure on youtube and went up in charts as some of the most sought for beauty gadgets. They would help with lifting and anti-aging most. High frequency wands would be best options for women that want to treat acne, inflammations and boost collagen.  Their price is low and they are very easy to use. Skin scrubbers have been very popular for a while now and they are very handy when you need a good clean-up that is inflation and stress free.

At home peels

Effective skincare is easy to find, but professional grade is almost unreachable for us normal women. Luckily brands have invested so much into getting products to be highly effective, easy to use at home and safe. These almost medical grade acid peels come in hand when you need to clear out fine lines, pigmentations, uneven skin and even acne scars. They are pretty safe but be sure to read everything about the experience in order to decide if this if for you to do at home. The burning might scare you a lot, so be wary.

Asian tools & techniques

From Gua-Sha to jade rollers and face cupping, women started to try them at home once they’ve seen there is no way salons would open too soon. I tried all of them and I have to say Gua-Sha is my favorite. I use Jade rollers over a sheet mask to enhance it. It gives a nice sensation, relaxing and quenching. Still, cupping is very pleasant but If you do it to yourself, it’s not as relaxing as if someone else is doing the treatment for you. I would still advise you try them out. The tools are pretty cheap and easy to use.

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