Vintage Light Fixtures

Lighting trends

When talking about lights and interior design, we see a comeback of the old trends with a subtle touch of industrial inspiration.

Th easiest way to remodel your home without investing too much money is by changing or adjusting your light design. A small touch of new makes a whole big difference if it’s done the right way.

From chrome to vintage bronze

A shift that we can all see in the interior design scene. Love it or hate it? Surely it all depends on all the other elements you have around your house. Bronze light fixtures have been very popular the last few years, but not everybody likes them as much.

Vintage light bulbs

Another cool trend is opting for vintage light bulbs, either incandescent or just the new era led lights with a vintage feel. Or course the difference is related to energy consumption, but that’s not a decision factor for everyone.

Tips on adding vintage light fixtures into your home

You might love them but your house isn’t necessarily fit for such a change. With some tips and tricks you could make them a good fit too.

  1. Try adding some forged iron and glass details to your interior design. A new table, maybe some decorations or a cool new minimalist rug.
  2. Go for the same metallic finish as other fixtures or decorations you might have in your house.
  3. Pick something really simple so it won’t stand out too much. A simple fixture with a cool vintage bulb will look perfect in the dark and won’t stand out too much when the lights are on.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Finding cheap vintage fixtures

There are tons of beautiful fixtures on the market, but surely some of them are really expensive and you might not want to pay a fortune for such a small fix. Research, research, research and find the fixture that meets your budget. You can surely find so many designs for the best prices in the most interesting place so to say.

Cheap vintage fixtures


Vintage Light Fixtures

So how will you give your house a quick vintage touch?

Vintage Light Fixtures

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