How to Wear Boots With Dresses

Fuchsia-Purple Over the Knee Boots

I never like over the knee boots, but you might wonder why.

The reason was probably because I didn’t know how to style them in order to make my legs look longer.

This was a mix of small problems I didn’t take into account back then, so now I will share them with you, maybe you will not make the same mistakes as I did.

Picking over the knee boots TIPS


  • Be sure they have the right length. I got over the knee boots that were just 2-3 cm over the knee. When I walked they would slip a bit and being just at the knee my legs would look thick and short.
  • If you are not very skinny, or your legs are not that long, try not to wear them with skinny jeans. If the boots are not that thin and stretchy, they will make your legs look much more bulky than they really are.
  • Midi skirts and dresses look great with over the knee boots if you are tall. Otherwise, they won’t flatter you much.


  • Wear short skirts and dresses, but go for flare designs not bodycon. They will make you look more elegant rather than some very tight designs that might have a trashy effect in that ensemble.
  • Pick boots that are about 8-10 cm over your knee. That way, even when you walk, they won’t drop down much. Go for custom made boots to be sure they are the exact fit you are looking for.
  • Go for stretchy, fitted over the knee boots so they won’t change your leg shape that much. You need to make them look long and sleek, right?


These are the basic rules I follow when buying and styling such boots.

This time, I picked a flared dress I got from Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago, a cardigan designed by me, these super cool fuchsia boots custom made by, a silk and cashmere scarf from Thailand, fuchsia hat from Meli Melo and  Dior sunglasses. I went for purple, pink shade in order to make a cool contrast upon a rusty autumn background.

Do you like it or not really your style?

How to Wear Boots With Dresses

Click to see what I am wearing

Dress: No Name / Cardigan: B.A.D. style / Boots: Komodos /Hat: Meli Melo / Sunglasses: Dior

winter fashion purple dress cardigan

fuchsia hat and purple hair

fuchsia boots and purple dress


how to wear over the knee boots

purple red hair pravana orchid


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