How to Wear Over The Knee Boots

Red Suede Boots & Embroidered Dress

You probably know by now that I prefer two kinds of boots: ankle boots and over the knee boots.

The reason is very simple: these lengths suit my height better, but it’s not like I would refuse to buy or wear any other kinds of boots if I do like them very much, it;s just that as a general rule, these look better on me.

I own several over the knee boots but I do like this pair more and it’s mostly because of their height and also because of the comfort their provide. These are custom made so the height would fit me perfectly and would also make my legs looks longer. I just ordered another pair in e deep fuchsia-orchid shade that I am sure will turn out really beautiful.

I thought I might just share my tips on how to wear over the knee boots. Maybe they would help you buy your next pair or help you create outfits that flatter you.

  1. You need to have around a side of a palm over your knee, about 8-10 cm so that your legs would look thinner.
  2. Opt for fit, but not to tight designs. Slouchy, wide boots might not flatter your figure especially if you are not very tall.
  3. Don’t go for open slits behind your knee because they will make you look bigger.
  4. Try to pick classic designs so that they won’t go out of style fast. Chunky heels and big platforms might just not be that fashionable next year and you might regret investing so much money in that pair.

Now that I told you how to pick them out, let’s see how you can wear them.

I always go for short jeans, dresses, skirts or rompers. I nerve wear them over jeans because they make me look shorter than I am already.

It’s also a great idea in goind for a midi or knee length skirt but try to play with volumes. Pick flared skirts that won’t make your legs look too thick or too short.

Basically you would need to try and see what looks better on you, but in my opinion, if you show a little skin between the boot and your dress or shorts, it would look much better and your legs will appear thinner and longer.

Of course these are just my personal tips that you might just consider when you ask yourself how to wear over the knee boots. Try, experiment and be creative, this is probably the only rule you need to follow.

So how would you wear them?


how to wear over the knee boots

Dress: Here/ Boots: Here/ Hat: Choies

how to wear over the knee boots

fuchsia meli melo hat

embroidered cotton dress

how to wear over the knee boots

red over the knee boots

red purple hair pravana


  1. Ce sexy și îndrăzneață tu!! As fi zis ca e fotograful priceput și știe din ce unghiuri sa tragă dar nu, nu e vb de el. Chiar ai picioare superbe, mi-au atras atenția și la Tm.

    • Merci frumos:P
      Adevarul e ca unghiul trebuie sa fie bun sa par si eu putin mai inalta :)))
      te pup!

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