How to Wear Leather Shorts

Casual Cool- Leather Shorts and Printed T-shirt


After jeans, leather is my favorite go to texture when we’re talking about casual cool outfits.

You may wonder why I picked jeans as a first. Well, because they are a bit more comfortable, or maybe not comfortable, but they feel better on my skin. Leather and PU leather sticks to you, especially when it is really hot outside so that might make you feel a bit tacky.

When I add leather or leather look pieces of garments, I try to keep everything else simple. A jersey top, or something more flowy like a chiffon shirt could also do the trick.  Here’s another outfit idea with these shorts.

So, How to Wear Leather Shorts?

Simple! A printed T-shirt and sneakers. Still, I picked metallic heels just because I felt they would give the right amount of glam to the whole look. On a regular basis I would go for my Superstars or just some Converse shoes and a leather jacket if it’s very cold outside. What would look even better in this mix, a denim jacket. A true, vintage, denim jacket to finish off the look. Maybe with some fun patches like we’ve seen on so many clothing items and accessories lately.

This is probably one of my favorite T-shirt ever and I just got it last week from Reserved. I also got a white one that says Create Something which I do daily. So I guess these T-shirts were made especially for me.

The Calvin Klein heels I bought in Miami, but more about shopping tips and tricks in a future post that I’ve already prepared for you guys.

What I love about high waist leather shorts is that you can pick a cool bodysuit and get away with. It would look really great for both a casual and evening look, with the right accessories of course.

Also, if you dare, wear these leather shorts at a cocktail party. Add a nude tulle top  or even black to make sure it stands out. High heels and maybe a fancy hat will make everything a chic destination.

How would wear leather shorts?




reserved top with cool text

BAD_2324 (Copy)asual style look with leather shorts

Top: RESERVED/Shorts: Choies/Shoes: Calvin Klein/Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

how to wear leather shorts

metalic calvin klein sandals

pravana haircolor purple and magenta

backdrops sale for photography

pravana haircolor magenta and purple


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