How to Wear a Pencil Skirt Casually

Pencil skirt and studded boots

You know I almost never wear skirts but this summer, I found two skirts, well I actually made them, that I couldn’t stop wearing. And here’s my explanation.

I don’t wear skirts because I feel they are uncomfortable, not necessarily as they fit but more about the comfort of having to be careful with how you sit, how you walk etc. I know it sounds weird, but that’s  my opinion. Still, I made two skirts this summer that are really comfortable and I feel free while wearing them:)) This black pencil skirt is one of them. The other one is a metallic grey you might have seen me wearing in Miami.

How I would wear a black pencil skirt casually? Just like that!

With a cool printed top, maybe a funny message like the one I am wearing, a cool vest and some studded boots. If I have a bad hair day, I would probably add a nice hat too.

Pencil skirt and sneakers

Another cool way to style it casually is by going for some sporty sneakers. My favorites are Superstars or All stars because they  are classic and will never go out of style if you wear them right of course. A sequined top and a cool bomber jacket might just be a great combo that will get you noticed fast.

High Heels and the simple skirt

A black skirt is classic so can basically style it anyway you want. Pick some high heels and a bow tie shirt for a fancy look. Add a nice twist to the whole look by braiding a mohawk and styling it up with a studded leather jacket.

As for accessories, chokers, hats and cool sunglasses, yes even in autumn.

I was not such a big fan of necklace as you can see, I don’t wear too much jewelry, but then I made myself some designs I will surely wear for a special occasion. I also promise I will show you how to make a cool choker in just 3 minutes. How does that sound for a cool trade?

Would you wear a pencil skirt during the day as part of a casual outfit?

how to wear a pencil skirt casually

karma made me do it tshirt

casual black skirt look


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