How to wear the sweater dress

Sweater dress or rather a long sweater worn as a dress, this being my pick. Being short has it’s perks like being able to wear sweaters or shirts as dresses without people even noticing that those aren’t actual dresses. And who actually cares if they are or not, right? 

You can style them in so many ways, but there are some tricks that would can make your life easier if you plan on styling a sweater dress.

Sweater or dress?

I always opt for a long sweater, but I repeat, that goes well for me because I am not tall.  I prefer a more loose version rather than a fitted one.

Tips for wearing the sweater dress

Choose the length that benefits you. Try more variants of lengths and see what works best for you. The same applies if we are talking about cut. What benefits me may not benefit you even if we have a similar body type.

If you have found a perfect sweater dress but it’s see through, or the knitting is not very dense , you can solve the problem with a cotton dress worn under it.

I also opted for a simple cotton black dress underneath. If it’s more convenient, you can go with the idea of ​​shorts or even a simple skirt as an underskirt.

My opinion is that this kind of dress goes very well with boots, whether high or not, and combat boots. I would not necessarily see a sweater dress worn with stiletto shoes, rather maybe with round toed and thick heeled shoes.

In order to make the outfit more interesting, I would focus on accessories. A hat, sunglasses or even seeing-glasses make the difference for a simple outfit. If it’s cold outside, pick a woolen coat to keep yourself warm, maybe even a scarf or a thick scarf and knitted gloves.

Do not be afraid of unprecedented combinations and try to play with textures, shades and accessories to get a comfortable outfit that keeps you warm but that’s not boring either.

Do you like to wear sweater dresses? How do you style them?


how to wear the sweater dress

how to wear the sweater dress

Sweater: Gina/ Cotton dress: Bershka / Cardigan: Romwe / Bag: Guess / Hat: Here/ Boots: Local store

over the knee boots guess satchel

how to wear the sweater dress

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wearing a sweater as dress

how to wear the sweater dress

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how to wear the sweater dress

guess patent leather satchel


Photos by Veres Krisztian




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