How to Wear a Tracksuit in Style

Wearing a tracksuit in style, outside of gym was a real fashion statement in the 2000’s but then their popularity fell apart and we all forgot about the versatility such a suit could offer. When Juicy couture, Sean John and Baby Phat came out with those bling bling velour tracksuits, everyone was ecstatic about them. From dark colors to pastel and neons even, we all needed to have at least such a tracksuit.

I still have my old velour embroidered Juicy Couture set with shorts and a hoodie and I think it still looks cool even if so many years have passed and fashion trends changed a lot since then.

Is The Tracksuit Still Stylish Today?

From Lady Gaga, to Rita Ora and Rihanna with her Puma x Fenty collaboration, they are all rockin the tracksuit trend on street again. You might find it a bit odd and maybe with a bit of kitsch detail, but they are back stronger than ever. You might remember that time Kim wore tracksuit pants and a lace top…. That’s a sure no no when it comes to wearing a tracksuit in style. So take my advice and forget about that mix if you don’t want to look absolutely weird.

I took the fishnet inspiration and put on a simple RUN DMC tracksuit that I wore with my favorite Superstars. Simple, cool and comfy if you’d ask me. Surely this is no outfit for working out of course – those fishnets and not the best choice when it comes to actually wearing a tracksuit for what it was initially designed for – sports.

You might find it funny, but I noticed people choose to wear a tracksuit for the exact opposite activity…. Relaxing, chilling out of going around town for errands- and not for actually working out.

And probably because of this change of attitude, the way we choose to wear a tracksuit became much more creative if I may say it this way.

We saw celebrities sporting a tracksuit with heels or winter boots, but it all comes down to how you define your style.

I love how some types of tracksuits look with heels but I am not sure if I would feel myself wearing such an outfit. But never say never, I might just try it and see if it would be something I could wear even out in town, not just as a test in front of my mirror.


how to wear a tracksuit

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer / Tracksuit: Here / Dress: Fabprom /Sneakers: Adidas Superstar

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adidas superstars

stylish tracksuit outfit

stylish tracksuit outfit

tracksuit fashion

stylish tracksuit outfit

tracksuit fashion

how to wear a tracksuit

Maybe you are more courageous so I made a cool selection of stylish tracksuit looks that might inspire you for your next casual-cool outfit.

Would you dare to wear a tracksuit with high heels or not?




tracksuit fashion


wearing a tracksuit with boots

how to wear a tracksuit

lady-gaga in a tracksuit


victoria beckham in a tracksuit


Miranda in tracksuit


Rita Ora in a tracksuit

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