What a busy mom dreams of? – It’s not more sleep

I could have never imagined actually how busy a mom is everyday until I became a mother myself. If 3 years ago I had the time to get bored, now boredom is not something I remember and I keep and my day to tasks keep piling up so I’d never have extra time to think about doing anything new.

busy mom

Problem is that when I happen to be super super busy, something always happens. It’s like Murphy’s law… and most of the time the issues that appear can’t actually be handled just by myself. Something like the car breaking down when you least expect it and when you desperately need to get it fix ASAP. This didn’t happen just once to me. Whenever I am stressed with getting tasks done, or the kid has extra fun activities I need to attend, the car breaks down just like that. Most of the time there are minor things that need to get fixed but the amount of time lost with taking the car to a mechanic and going back and forth with it, it’s just killing me.

Big problems – fast solutions

If you can believe it, there are actually miraculous ways to get things done fast & well and it’s called RepairSmith. Imagine getting the mechanics right in front of your house, just like that. No need to move a muscle. Just get to their website, add some info and say what you think you need to get fixed. Then you get an estimate of what that will cost and you can just schedule the repair just like that.

Just think about the amount of time you save and the stress you avoid just by carrying on with your household business, taking care of your kids or just baking a pie while your car get’s fixed right in your proximity without extra hassle. Their well equipped vans ensure that the mechanics can get about 85% of the issue fixed without needing to take your car to the shop. For all the other complicated repairs that could need to be done, you can easily take your car to the closest fully-vetted RepairSmith shop.

Why is this a great service for busy moms?

Women in general don’t know much about car fixing and many repair shops take advantage of this to get more money for repairs that you don’t actually need. But with RepairSmith you get your quote just before starting the repair and if there is anything else that needs fixing upon the initial inspection, you get a quote via email and then you can just schedule the next session. This way you have the choice whether you want or need to get that fixed. You can ask for a second opinion or just wait until you have the money to go on with it. Instead, many other services fix everything without asking and then hit you with the huge bill.

RepairSmith manages to align it’s services to this fast paced world where nobody has time to lose and no one wants to stand in line for anything. People are willing to pay extra for the comfort of not hassling, but this service offer competitive prices so that you don’t feel like you are paying a fortune for the luxury of having your car fixed on your actual driveway.

Are you ready for your stress-free car repair experience?

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