What Shoes Are Worth Investing In

Types of Footwear You Need to Own


If you love shoes as much as I do, I am sure you had this problem before. Buying without thinking where you might wear them or how often. You just liked them so much that you needed to have them in your closet. I bet you are in the same situation! Do you know what shoes are worth investing in?

I buy heels, boots and heeled ankle boots but what do I wear all day? Sneakers and flat boots. Yup, I have all those heels, some designer some just retail brands sitting in my closet and waiting to be worn.

Maybe you know by know, I love being comfortable and sitting all day in heels is not what I am looking for on a daily basis, plus it’s not healthy.

I won’t lie, I love how heels make me feel when I look in the mirror, but a few hours later I just want to kick them off my feet so bad that I am thinking why did I buy these mean creatures in the first place?

I never travel in heels, I never(almost) drive in heels and I very rarely go to work in heels even if I have to walk just 5 minutes to the office from home.

So here is my opinion on what shoes to invest in:

  • Buy shoes that make you look stylish but also feel comfortable. I might just spend more on fashionable sneakers that I know I will wear very often. I invest in a mini collection because it’s money well spent.

sequined plimsolls from asos


embellished plimsolls

White Plimsolls

adidas color block teal sneakers


superga red sneakers


  • 2. Get some high quality, branded shoes that will give you that extra confidence when you step into a party. Be sure they are timeless pieces you can wear for years to come because those $300 you’ve just spent might not be so useful in the next season.

moschino pastel heels


lace up designer sandals

Orange Heels

designer bunny ear sneakers

Bunny Trainers

  • 3. Shoes you need for an occasion or two. Beach shoes, running shoes, small heels for the office if you have such a dress code. Nude heels for parties, black heels that go well with everything, strappy sandals for summer weddings and at least a pair of stylish sneakers for a fun trip abroad.

embellished golden sandals


bridal sandals embellished


black sandals

Black Sandals

gold asos sandals

Gold Sandals

These are the main 3 groups when it comes to how I would divide footwear.

Of course, different lifestyles and style in general will attract different buying patterns but the main questions you need to to focus on before buying shoes are:

Do I need them? Will I wear them? Do they make me stand out or look good?


I know girls that wear heels all day long and I could never convince them that buying sneakers is the new thing to do. Just like even if I love buying heels I question  myself whether to get those designer pumps of 2 pairs of my favorite sneakers in different colors.

What do you think I would go for?

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