What to Pack for Miami

Sunny South Beach

As I said in a previous post, it was my first time in Miami and I have to admit I wasn’t prepared luggage wise.

Usually I over-pack, but not this time. Normally I would have everything with me, plus extra 7-8 items that I know I will not have time to wear. This time, I didn’t have enough or better said, not enough appropriate items.

It was so hot outside that I had to change twice each day.

So if I would go again, here’s what I would pack for Miami

  1. Tank tops and camis are ideal for such hot weather. You can wear loose tops with bralettes under for cool effect.
  2. Jersey or soft cotton skirts and dresses. Go for sleeveless dresses in lightweight textures because you will feel more comfortable this way. Skirts should be made of fabrics that let your skin breathe right.
  3. Short jeans are my favorite items that I make sure I always pack along for sunny destinations. even if they seem thick, denim as a fabric would keep your skin cool. Still, if they are very tight, they might just be too uncomfortable, so go for loose fits.
  4. Bathing suits of course. All colors, designs and maybe some cool pareos to match them up with.
  5. Comfortable shoes like sneakers, flats or flip flops are a must. I love walking and almost every time I wear sneakers even if it’s very hot outside. They are the best choice if you  like to visit much.
  6. Hats, caps and sunglasses. Even if I packed just a few caps and no hat,  it would have been good to have a hat for when I went to the beach. I didn’t want to  squeeze them in the bag and destroy their shape. Sunglasses with a high UV protection are imperative. I always take some nice sunnies with me no matter where I go. My eyes thank me for this every time. I am sensitive when it comes to light so at least a pair of sunglasses should find their place in my handbag.

Basically I had everything with me, but not as many as I should have.  A few more tank tops and maybe some other jersey skirts would have been just enough.

But I will know this next time!

I hope my guide helped you pack for Miami, and if it did, please let me know.

I would love some feedback.



What to Pack for Miami

Dress-T-shirt: C&A (for kids) / Shoes: Adidas

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What to Pack for Miami


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