What to pack when going on a Luxury Vacation

Packing suggestions for your Luxury vacation

Planning for your holidays can be both stressful and exciting. You must look over the countless destinations and types of holidays that you can embark on with friends or a significant other. From all inclusive 5 star hotels in Thailand to Nasau house rentals hidden in the luxurious island paradise, you have so many options to take into account. You must factor in the number of people, the cost and what each person wants to experience and then how to make all this fit into a tight schedule. It can all seem a little overwhelming, but when it finally arrives you always forget about the stress. Traveling with a pet? Look into the Delta pet policy in cabin.

But for those going on a on once in a lifetime trip, a lot of these worries are not necessary. Where people used to just be happy with a week away to a nearby budget destination, it is now being replaced with luxury destinations. It is not that they were never there, it is just that they have become known to a wider audience and people can see that luxury is not always unaffordable.

This rise in popularity of luxury destinations such as the Maldives, the Greek islands, and the Caribbean can be attributed to both better marketing campaigns and the use of social media. Now it is possible for everyone to get a glimpse into what luxury travel really entails and how you can do it too.

For those of you who are going on their first luxury vacation or who are using their time to go on a once in a lifetime trip, there main concern should be with what to pack.  So I tried to make everything a bit easier and even take some of that hassle away for you.

What not to bring:

This may seem counter-intuitive for a packing list but let me go on. Many luxury destinations and tours will provide at least some complimentary gifts and/or essential travel items. This can range from towels, swimming attire, shampoos, and conditioners.

If these are provided by your destination, then there is no need to take up essential space in your suitcase. Check in advance with the destination and see what they provide. This will save you time and space and allow you to maximize other items.

Luxury Vacation

What to wear:

For men:

As with most instances, men have it a little easier when it comes to packing.

Luxury travel usually means formal wear, with less flamboyant colors than you would usually wear on a regular vacation. This is not to say you must look bland, simply more refined. As this is a luxury holiday it is safe to say that you will not be frugal regarding your activities and dining experiences. Many places will have a dress code and it is essential to be prepared.

Depending on the activities that you will be taking part in ensure you have comfortable footwear. For men, I always reckon at least three types of footwear, one for outdoor activitiesanother for the beach and the final pair for formal evening events.

For women:

Black is always the best. This goes for everything ranging from evening dresses to more comfortable day attire. Of course, you can mix it up, but at least you know that black can be mixed and arranged with almost every occasion.

You will also want to choose dresses that are multifunctional. Light dresses that can be worn for leisurely activities are best, you will feel comfortable, look good and have more choices as they don’t take up a large amount of space in your luggage.

For your toiletries etc, ask to see if your destination will have some items you usually pack such as hair dryers and curlers this will save you more space again. Practicing your makeup before you go can save you time preparing in the evenings and it will mean you will bring less. Better yet, depending on the location, you can have your makeup professionally done. Don’t forget this is a luxury holiday so you can splash out on things you would usually not spend your money on.

Luxury Vacation

Think of your destination:

This one is for both men and women. When packing your bags think about where you are going and what you are going to be doing. Is it a relaxing holiday by the beach? An African safari? Or something more extreme? Thinking of what you will be doing will allow you to maximize your packing capabilities.

Lighter clothes in beige or white are the best colors for men while the above-mentioned black is always a staple for women. Don’t be afraid to ask your destination about recommendations on what to wear and bring for the time of year. They are there for you and should provide you with all the assistance that you need.


Whatever you forget to bring or decide later is necessary can be bought on location and if not, a replacement can be found. A trip like this for the regular vacationer are once in a lifetime experiences and should be enjoyed to their maximum potential.

For men, it is a more casual affair while for women they get to show off their new outfits and style that they can’t on a regular vacation.

Don’t forget to budget accordingly as well as. Even all-inclusive holidays will have extra charges and activities that you will surely want to join.

So, the key points that you should take away are formal attires with more casual colors will be of the best benefit for you and ask ahead to ensure that you are not bringing any unnecessary items that are provided.

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  1. Woww…Nice blog post. The travelers can change their clothes packing according to the current weather where they are going to visit. So weather prediction is also an important factor to keep in mind. By the way, thank you for sharing.

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