What you need this fall

I do not like Fall particularly but I do enjoy the creative layering I could play with at the beginning of the season. I can actually sport my summer clothes while still keeping myself warm during the chilly days.

Surely there are some items we can not pass through fall without. Basic sweatshirts that can easily be incorporated in any casual looks. You can find hoodies for women in so many places for decent prices so if you are on a tight budget you can still enjoy a few new items for the season. I picked out some classic hoodies I could wear with most of my favorite fall clothes. Simple, yet striking when associated creatively with denim skirts of boyfriend jeans and maybe heels.







But when we are talking about more elegant looks, a hoodie will not help you. So you will be searching for a coat. Any fashionista should have at least 3 coats in her closet. The classic trench coat that works for office attire and smart-casual looks, A more elegant suede coat that could be worn with a cocktail attire and of course, a fancy painted or embroidered coat that gets all the attention. Women’s trench coats are affordable too if you search for the best promotions. No need to break into a bank to get some fashionable items in your closet this year.





So what are you shopping for this fall? Splurging on clothes or focusing on accessories?


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