What You Need This Spring

Get back in shape!

In spring we are thinking about the same thing- how to get back in shape faster for summer. From going to gym, eating well, walking out in the park or going for a swim, we basically need some essential items that we can’t live without.

Super cool gym wear will help you motivate yourself easier. If you feel good about yourself, and comfortable with what you are wearing there is no excuse from hitting the gym. Pick out a neutral colored gym suit with cool details like marble printing, mesh and cut out details that will enhance your figure.

Cool Gym wear

gym wear


gym suit


gym wear 2017

We all need sunglasses especially during summer. I told you before that I wear sunglasses all year round, so I can never have too many pairs. From green lenses that are great for driving to super fancy mirror coated lenses and cat-eye shapes. Find what suits you best and what feels comfortable.

Trendy sunglasses


sunglasses trends 2017 sunglassses

summer trends


Either you are training your body for summer or just going on an a vacation, you need a new suit. Try something you haven’t tried before. Maybe a  bold color, a nice cut-out detail or just flower print you never were attracted to. So many items to choose from!


Hot Swimsuits




swimsuits 2017

What’s on your wishlist?

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