Which Area of Charlotte Has the Best Restaurants?

North Carolina may be best known for its southern comfort foods and fantastic barbecue, but there’s so much more that can be found in Charlotte!  If you ever make your way to this amazing city: you’ll have too many options to pick from!

These are the top areas in the city to consider for lunch and why they’re awesome!


Uptown Charlotte is also called Downtown Charlotte, which can confuse people if you’re not from the area.  Home to the major sports teams and the best business and job opportunities in the city, many restaurants here cater to lunch crowds.  

Uptown is a great place if you want to stop and catch a delicious five-star meal and possibly pay a little more for it than you would expect.  From high-end eateries to fantastic sandwich shops, you’ll find almost anything you want to eat here: as long as you’re in the area between eleven in the morning to three in the afternoon!


One of the most expensive areas in the city, Elizabeth has become one of the most fashionable areas to be in.  Not only are Charlotte houses for rent here more expensive: but a lot of the things you find here come with a higher price tag.  Dinner here will blow you away, though.  Elizabeth has a large range of gorgeous high-end restaurants with multiple Michelin Stars gracing their options.


If cheap eats are more your speed, and you’re more interested in a greasy spoon restaurant that serves up a lot of heart: it’s time to head to the NoDa neighborhood!  This art district’s name is shortened from North Davidson and is just north of Uptown.  This has a large number of fantastic and affordable eateries that will blow your mind.  As the heart of comfort food in the city, NoDa will leave you full and happy.  


Just between Uptown and Elizabeth, Midtown is thought to be one of the best-kept secrets in the city.  Home to fantastic barbecue restaurants and breathtaking breakfast and brunch spots, Midtown is affordable and delicious and will excite someone of any flavor palette.  

If you have time to stop, consider checking out the endless boutiques and restaurants that are available here! 

University City

If you want to find fantastic and affordable food, your best bet is to head to the nearest university area!  University City is a great neighborhood that surrounds the University of North Carolina and has a huge array of fantastic foods.  From pizza to artisan sandwiches and sushi, you’ll want to come back time and time again to try the incredible flavors you can find here.  

This is a quieter part of the city on most days, but it’s worth visiting this quieter area to get some of the best flavors you can find in North Carolina!

Charlotte Has Good Eats All Around!

Charlotte understands a great balance between salty, sweet, and heat, and this shows in its restaurants.  From the countless options to some of the best flavors in the world, consider eating here soon!

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