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How to Dress up on a Snowy Day

Unfortunately we picked the worst day for taking pictures. Besides the fact that the temperature was very low, a hard wind started blowing, plus some chaotic snow all around… the recipe for disaster. Still we managed to take some decent pictures if you would take into account the weather outside.

Stockings under ripped jeans

Talking about my outfit you will say I am crazy running around in ripped jeans on this weather. And yes, I didn’t think it through that day because I didn’t get any nude stockings under to keep me warm and my ass literally froze. I got smarter a few days after when I got stockings under and everything was much better. I really recommend trying to find some similar to your skin tone because they will be barely visible and you will be able to wear your favorite ripped jeans in winter too.

Waterproof Boots

I must say the wait was worth it. There are surely some perfect winter boots. I love the leopard detail because it’s subtle and the can still be mixed and matched in so many ways.

They are also waterproof which is very important during winter. I am so happy with this purchase, best investment for a smart winter look.

Big Scarf

Something to cover your neck with is essential during cold days. I prefer big scarves to cover my neck and even hair to protect if from the harsh wind. A cute knitted beanie would have been a wise choice but I forgot it at home.


Yes, I wear sunglasses in winter. They keep my eyes relaxed and I don’t get any annoying snow in my eyes when it’s windy outside. Try finding some cool sunglasses that don’t darken everything around. Some colored lenses would be an idea to take into account.


Depending on how cold it is outside pick the best jacket for the job. I like wearing parkas during cold, windy days because they isolate the cold even if they don’t keep warm as a woolen coat would. Layering is the key for such an outfit because the inner layers would keep your body temperature optimum and the outer layers should protect from any cold wind to get in.


How do you dress up on cold days?

ripped jeans and combat boots

Parka: Bershka / Jeans: Here/ Boots: Panama Jack / Sunglasses: Carerra

carerra green mirror sunglasses

panama jack leopard boots carerra sunglasses

winter fashion

winter fashion

winter fashion

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