Winter Style Ideas


Coats and Jackets for the Season

Either we like it or not, the cold season is here so some winter style ideas are surely welcome at this time.

When I think of winter, I always see knits, boots and of curse cozy jackets. I don’t know how it happens that only when it’s really cold outside I just have a look into my closet and I say:I have nothing to wear. The thing is that I hate winter so I almost never buy really warm clothes just because I think I will just layer all the others I have and that’s it.

But then, a really cold day comes, then two or three and I start to panic. I don’t have warm jackets.

This year I will try to be more prepared so I started looking for winter style ideas just in time. At least that’s the plan.

To help me get more organized, I made a short wishlist of items I might just need, please read need not want. Because I surely need such jackets and coats to keep me warm and to just to fill up my wardrobe.


Blazers are really cool and most of the time elegant. I would surely need a simple design that could basically match my entire wardrobe. I don’y usually dress up elegant, so I would need just one or two.



winter coat

Classic coats like a simple black one or a checkered one are always a great choice. I would go for something made of wool, a bit over the hips so it won’t make me look too short.


Trench coats are really cool even if they don’t keep you warm that much. I have three right now, but I would surely love to have the red one in the middle. The pattern is really cool and it does fit my style even if it’s a bit more elegant.




Furs, leather jackets and capes are the hit every winter. even if designs change, they will always be stylish and of course, dependent when the cold days come. I’d like a big collared leather jacket so I could style it with some knee high boots and a knitted dress.

What do you think?


leather and fur jacket



stylish fur cape purple fur cape

What’s on your list this season? Coats? Jackets?

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