Working Out at Home Is Also Effective

I don’t know about you, but I get my inspiration from Instagram. Yummycookies and cake recipes from Prajiturela, fast snacks and lunch ideas with a dose of nutritional info from Flavia Florean, tips and tricks on make-up products from The Fashion Creed, the newest skin care products, review and advice on how to use them from Testaholic and my daily dose of motivation from Betty, which I want you to get to know better right now.

Before I had Sophia I used to go to the gym regularly and I had a healthy diet so I managed to get into a good physical shape. Even after birth, I dropped relatively quickly the extra 21 kg I gained during pregnancy, but I lost myself on my way. After I got back to work, I could not find time for training. I would have had time for that during the evening after putting the baby to sleep, but I would always find something else to do. When it comes to free time, the only plausible option would be to train at home in the evening, but I always said that at home you can not get great results even with the right equipment. Watching Bettina, I changed my mind completely. If she can, why can’t I ?!

For more inspiration and a good dose of motivation, I invite you to read further.

She is motivated, consistent, and the results do not cease to appear. Let’s meet Bettina.

  1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

B: Sociable, disciplined, funny

2. When did you start practicing sports and what actually made you go on this journey?

B: I started sports for the first time 7-8 years ago, but home training, and it became part of my daily routine 2 years ago. What really caused me was the continuous dissatisfaction with my own image, the way I felt both physically and mentally, and last but not least, the desire to have a more active and healthy lifestyle.

3.We see many delicious and healthy meals on your IG profile. Where do you get inspired from? Did your nutritionist make you a meal plan?

B: The meals I post are all part of my daily diet, and they are simple and quick recipes that anyone can prepare. I usually inspire myself from Pinterest, Instagram, or from food channels such as Delish or Tasty.

I made the diet plan on my own, I have not consulted a nutritionist or nutritionists ever before.

I try to respect all the main meals of the day, including snacks, so I eat three times a day, plus two or three healthy snacks between meals.

4.What are the meals you love to cheat with from time to time? How do you manage to maintain a balance between lust and healthy food?4.

B: I love Italian cuisine, so it is not hard to guess what includes a cheat meal in my case 🙂 Pizza, pasta, focaccia, piadina, risotto etc.

But, even though I like to “spoil” myself with these meals from time to time, I still try to keep a balance in my diet. For example, if I know in the morning that I will eat pasta or pizza at noon, I try to opt for a low caloric breakfast or dinner, to maintain the calories deficit at the end of the day and not get out of a simple “cheat meal “To a whole” cheat day “. However, if I happen to “cheat” a whole day, I try to enjoy all the meals without blaming or punishing myself, starving or skipping important meals the next day.

5. Favorite recipe prepared in less than 10 minutes.

 B: Oatmeal (45g oatmeal, 1/2 banana, coconut / almond / soya / rice, etc., 1 piece of 80% cocoa black chocolate.) Finally, you can cut the rounds and the other half of the banana on top and you can use any kind of topping, such as berries, nuts, seeds, peanut / almond butter, etc.

  1. 6. I understand that you train at home. Why did you choose this option? What are the advantages and disadvantages of training at home?

B. Yes, it is. I train daily at home. I chose this option from pure convenience (it takes me 5 minutes to change my fitness clothes and decide on the training I’m going to do on that day), but the benefits are many:

  • Workouts at home do not cost me anything, so financially I ‘m only winning
  • There are not many excuses I can invoke to give up training (eg bad weather outside, I do not want to go out of the house to go to the gym, I do not have the car available, I have no options with the child, I waste a lot of time on my way there, etc.).
  • I concentrate 100% on training, without having anybody around to distract me.

The biggest drawback in my view is the comfort of home, which often makes ud delay or give up on training.

  1. 7. How do you set your workouts during the week? By muscle groups? Where do you get inspired from?

B: Generally yes, but it also depends very much on my mood on that day. 2-3 times a week I try to include a “full / full body” training in the program, and in the remaining days I do my workouts on different muscle groups (eg one day I am doing abs while another day would be reserved for arms workout, etc.).

There are a lot of Youtube channels I get inspired from, including Gymra (there is also a Gymra app downloadable on the mobile phone and contains hundreds of interesting workouts), Fitness Blender, PopSugar, etc.

  1. 8.How many times a week do you practice and how do you motivate yourself not to give up?

B: As a rule, I do workouts five times a week, two days break, stretching or yoga. My greatest motivation is my own progress on all levels. Since fitness has become a priority in my daily routine, there have also been changes (good ones) both physically and physically; I lost 10-12 kg, I have more energy, I’m more productive and focused on the tasks I have to do.

  1. 9. How much do you invest per month or season for your equipment?

B. I can not say that I invest a considerable amount of money on my equipment, because most of the things I use I have owned them for a long time already, and if I need a new article, I try to buy it on sale or to put it on the wish list for Christmas or my birthday 🙂

  1. 10. How does a day of your life look like?

B: I usually wake up at 7.00 / 7: 30 at 7.00 am every morning, drink my coffee and have breakfast (whole grains with soy milk / almond / coconut, etc.) / two slices of toasted bread with peanut butter, slices of bananas, honey and chia / pineapple / chicory seeds, etc.). Then, if I’m very busy in the afternoon, I do my training in the morning after breakfast. Otherwise, if the first part of the day does not allow me to do my workout, I do it the evening before dinner. As a rule, I do not give up training only in exceptional cases, such as physical pain, for example.

  1. 11. If you could change something about yourself, what would you change?

B: I would certainly like to be a more determined person. It often happens that I am very indecisive in certain situations, and I am very dissatisfied with this.

  1. 12. What advice would you give to girls who say they can not train at home / or who think they can get results only with a personal coach?

B: One of the tips would be to be honest and to identify the true reason for this excuse: you do not have enough motivation, you do not know what workouts to do, you do not have equipment at home, you do not have fitness clothes, it sounds boring, you do not have space, etc. Solutions always exist, you just really need to want that thing. The role of a personal coach is to guide, teach and help the client to achieve their goals, but if one does not have discipline, motivation, ambition and perseverance, nor is he really determined to change his lifestyle then no coach staff or performance equipment will be helpful.

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