Yummy Dukan Tiramisu Recipe

How to indulge on a Dukan Diet


I started the diet a few weeks ago and I have to admit the first week was a terror. I had to eat only proteins and because I don’t eat meat except fish, it was really jucky at one point.

The problem is that I love eating sweet anytime, especially cookies an done of my favorite things to eat is Tiramisu, made by me of course. So I had to try and find subsitutes in order to make this delish dessert. Besides Tiramisu I also made pancakes, Cheesecake and Ice-cream all Dukan based.

So this would really be the best breakfast especially if you are on a Dukan diet and you know how cravings are…

I asked people to try it out and see how it tasted, they loved it so you might just try it out because it’s really simple.

Here’s a simple Dukan Tiramisu recipe to try.

The only trick is in making the biscuits. I used a cookies tray for them but you can bake them in any kind of tray.

Ingredients for the biscuits.

3 table spoons of 0,2% fat fresh cheese

4 table spoons of 0% greek yogurt

No calories sweetener

2 table spoons of oat bran

baking powder

almond extract

Mix everything together with a mixer and then bake until golden brown.

Not let’s make the “mascarpone”cream

Ingredients for the cream cheese

2 eggs

150 gr 0.2% fresh cheese

100 gr 0% greek yogurt

vanilla extract


dukan tiramisu recipe


Whisk the egg whites until stiff. Then mix the cream cheese, with the egg yolks, yogurt, vanilla extract to taste and some sweetner. I also added a big spoon of vanilla protein powder, but you can skip it. After the cream is done,  try to fold the egg whites carefully in the cream cheese.

Now start layering everything like you’d normally do with a Tiramisu.

Don’t forget about the brewed coffee with rum extract and a bit of sweetener. Put the biscuits at the bottom of the glass jar then add coffee. Add the cheese cream over and repeat until you layered the remaining bath of cream. Then sift some low fat cocoa powder and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours of overnight.

I love eating it for breakfast before going to gym. Simply delicious and very low in calories.

Have you ever tried something similar?




healthy tiramisu dukan recipe


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