Buying coats


 The cold season made it’s statement and it’s time to get wraped up. I love coats, very warm, edgy coats if they have leather details , even better. 
Now, this is how I think when I buy a coat. Winter is not my favorite season, so I will not invest  a lot of money in expensive pieces, but I would get more different types of coats at a lower price, So this way I have a variety of styles to mix and match, A leather sleeved coat, a fur collar coat, a simple neutral toned coat, a tartan coat etc.  So to help you shop, I made a selection of cheap coats that you can get in online stores. Free shipping so you can get it from 35$ to around 100 $ each.
What are you waiting for?
 A venit sezonul rece si nu mai putem visa la vremea frumoasa de asta vara. E timpul sa investim in jachete calduroase care sa apare de frig, dar si sa ne scoata in evidenta o tinuta simpla.
Eu asa gandesc: Si asa nu imi place vremea rece, nu as investii in piese foarte scumpe, as prefera sa am mai multe stiluri de jachete pentru varietate. Asa ca aleg produse la preturi rezonabile, dar care totusi arata foarte bine.. Un palton cu maneci de piele, unul cu guler de blana, altul simplu intr-o culoare neutra,  unul cu imprimeu etc.  Pentru a va fi de ajutor, am facut o mica selectie de produse care mie mi-au placut foarte mult si le puteti avea la preturi foarte bune, intre 150-350/400 lei, transport gratuit.
Ce mai asteptati?! Spor la cumparaturi!

 Here                                                Here                                            Here
  Here                                                Here                                            Here
 Here                                                Here                                            Here



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