Hippie love

 I can’t believe summer is almost over  when I haven’t even got the chance to enjoy it that much, but well there is always next year.  Right now I am working on the last details for the new collection that will be showcasted this Friday at Heaven Studio.  Enought with the talk, back to work.
Have a good night and don’t forget about the giveaway!
Nu pot sa cred ca vara deja e pe terminate si eu nu am apucat nici sa ma bucur de ea, dar cum am zis si anul trecut, mai este si vara viitoare…In acest moment lucrez la ultimele detalii  ale colectiei ce va fi prezentata vinerea aceasta la Heaven Studio in cadrul evenimentului: Fashion Fridays. 
Gata cu vorbaria, sa ne intoarcem la treaba.
O seara buna va doresc si nu uitati de concurs!

 Top: random
Shorts: Choies
Watch: Calvin Klein
Jewelry: H&M, B.A.D. style, Bellast

Photos by Veres Krisztian



8 comments to Hippie love

  • Darkflayer  says:

    Imi plac tare mult sandalele . simplu si chic outfitul. O seara palcuta 🙂

  • ANDYSTYLE  says:

    pretty shorts 🙂

  • Bianca  says:

    beautiful! xoxo


  • Marina  says:

    Ce draguti sunt pantalonii scurti ! 🙂 Imi plac mult ! 🙂

    Bafta cu colectia !


  • Anca B.  says:

    great shorts, great top, great everything!


  • Miu Miu  says:

    Vai cum e bratara :X pacat ca mie nu mi-a mai ajuns comanda de la ei…



  • B.A.D  says:

    Miu Miu, serios? 🙁 eu nu am avut probleme cu ei

  • Vikee  says:

    you look amazing
    love love love the shorts and heels
    love Vikee

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