Hot winter at Zai Apres Cafe

 You probably remember the shooting we had before Christmas, well here are some pictures.
We worked with the beautiful Otilia Ciosa, make-up by Kiaari Andreea, I did the styling and last but not least, Iulia Cazacu in charge of directing the whole thing at our favorite location Zai Apres Cafe.
 I hope you like them.
Ma gandesc ca tineti minte sedinta foto organizata pe ultima suta de metri inainte de Craciun, nu? Am reusit sa adun niste poze(ca altfel nu pot sa spun) sa vi le arat si voua.
Am lucrat cu frumoasa Otilia Ciosa, machiajul asigurat de Kiaari Andreea, stylingul l-am facut eu , iar Iulia Cazacu ne-a adunat pe toti sa facem lucruri frumoase impreuna, un fel de director de platou.
Sper sa va placa!



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