101 Guide on How to Buy Sunglasses

When talking about buying sunglasses, most people say they prefer to try them on, so a brick and mortar shop would be the best option in those cases. But there are some perks for which you should consider online shops too. Still you need to know how to buy sunglasses online before hopping on this adventure.

Why you should buy sunglasses online.

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I prefer buying them online mostly because the prices are much better, thus not having to pay rents and wages for their shop keepers.  There is also a wider selection of products you can select from and you can easily compare prices from one shop to another without needing to go to waste time in traffic for that purpose. If you do consider searching for your favorite sunglasses online I advise you to subscribe to your favorite shops so you will find out first when that favorite pair is on sale.

In order to be sure you will enjoy your sunglasses and the whole process is almost effortless, you would need to follow some tips.

Tips for how to buy sunglasses

Try searching for shops that have a try-on app feature. This way you can upload or take your photo with your laptop camera and see how the pairs would look on you. Of course this is not a 100% sure thing, but at least you can get an idea on how they could look.

If you have a favorite style or a favorite pair you already own. You might want to measure the width  so you will find the exact fit for your next pair. This is probably the most important aspect you need to take into account because of they are too wide of too narrow they might either fall off of not fit at all.

You can also go around town to try on glasses and check out which design might look good on you. I know that when I want searching for my Hexagonal Ray-Ban pair. I initially wanted the octagonal version but when I tried them on, they didn’t suit me at all. So I eventually opted for the hexagonal version that I bought online saving around $50-$60 this way.

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In case you do not know what to go for, then check out magazines for the latest styles and research on what style fits the shape of your face. Most of the time, the basic rules apply for any face shape. If you have a wide face shape, do not opt for small sunglasses, while if you have a small face, then do not go for big sunglasses. As in anything concerning fashion, balance is the best way to go.


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