Merino Wool Coat

Spring Coat-Winter Warmer


merino wool casual look

Knitted Sweater/Coat : Aransweatersdirect / Hat: Here / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Boots: Similar: Here/ Bag: Rebecca Minkoff/ Shorts: Here /Top:  B.A.D. style


You know that versatile piece we all want in our wardrobes?

The one that keeps us extra warm under a big puff coat in winter and also works as a cot in spring or autumn?

Yes, I am talking about the woolen sweater/coat. This is probably one of the most beautiful and well designed sweaters or coats I own. It’s made of fine merino wool right in the heart of Ireland. You might expect wool to feel really weird on the skin, scratchy even, but this one is so soft you could even sleep in it.

I bet this awesome piece will keep me warm during spring and maybe also on cold summer nights over some ripped shorts and a crop top.

AranSweaterdirect have so many designs you could choose from. I am sure you will have a hard time picking out just one especially because the quality is very good. I can rarely say great things about knitwear because even if the item looks good at first it starts to deteriorate after a few wears and washes. We all like warm sweaters but I think quality is very important on the long run so investing in a beautiful piece is the best thing to do.

Still, this is not the normal sweater you would buy. I picked this zipped up knitted masterpiece because I was sure I wanted to wear it as a coat. It’s cool, casual, very comfortable and cozy. You can style it in so many ways from casual chic, sporty to retro-elegant. The only thing to do is experiment and see what you fits you better.

So, which design have you picked ?

fedora hat knitted sweater

knitted merino wool sweater

long marsala sweater

merino wool

merino wool coat

burgundy woolen sweater


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