3 Ways to pick your prom dress

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It’s almost prom time and the stress is just getting to you. What dress to wear? Do I need a new one? Should I pick  a bold color?’Should I go and try on many styles or shop online? What’s the budget? Is it worth it?

All these questions could be answered if you make a short list.
1. See what you already have in your closet, maybe you could save some money and reinvent your favorite old dress. Invest more in shoe, handbag or jewelry.
2.  Do you want to invest much in a dress you will wear once or twice? Then, go wild, and pick your favorite. A bold color , maybe Radiant orchid , because it’s this season’s color. Get a dress that stands out, but don’t go overboard, because you might just get dress as for Halloween, and the result will be exactly the opposite as you might want it.
3. Smart shopping! My kind of shopping. Go out and try on several styles and find the one that looks great on you! An A-line dress will flatter most figures, don’t go all princessy because it’s wrong! Bodycon dresses will flatter hourglass figures with tonned legs, don’t get it if you are not close to a supermodel figure.
After you found the perfect style, go online and search for the best price. Keep a look out for shiny fabrics, beware of them! They stain easily and look pretty cheap. A fine chiffon prom dresses are  always a great idea!
Get a neutral color, maybe pastel even in a style that won’t go out of fashion fast. Long, cheap prom dresses, with some lace details and maybe a few beaded embellishments are more that you need!
Take it this way, you can get a simple, pleated bustier dress, in a neutral color, like ivory, beige that you can wear for years and years. Change jewelry, shoes, maybe sew some accessories on it yourself. Stained? No problem, if it doesn’t wash out you can paint something on it. It’s that simple and the investment is totally worth it. Get a 100 pounds on a dress for prom, that you can redesign for another 20 pounds and have a new one for that wedding you were invited to. And the money you saved would get you on the trip you wanted.
So simple, as 1, 2,3 😉
My favorite is the last one, you can get  flats and a simple cardigan-wear it to the beach
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