4 items you need to buy right now

We know as a fact that women tend to over shop, especially when seasons change, but there are some items you really need to own no matter what your style is.

Surely there are the other classics, like the LBD, red stiletto shoes, nude top, biker leather jacket and beige trench coat, but these 4 items are so hip and versatile that you will agree that you need them to complete your basic wardrobe.

The exact style you need to adjust to your own personality, but use these just as guidelines for future shopping lists.

The white lace dress.

This is sexy, yet very innocent. Lace dresses are elegant, but if they are simple, you can incorporate it in many more other outfits rather than just the simple, dress & sandals mix. Surely it will look good with over the knee boots and a fur jacket in winter. But it would look as good or maybe even better at a more creative extent, with biker boots, knitted socks and a leather jacket. Big sunglasses and trendy ear piercings will complete the look.

lace dress
Lace dress
white lace dress

The black mesh dress

This is the LBD but in a more casual style. Between the T-shirt dress and the elegant lace dress, this one is more edgy and cool. Worn with high heels and a blazer it can easily be toned down to a more  easy going outfit. But with net stockings, a red or burgundy  leather jacket and a wide leather belt, it could actually be the “must have “summer music festival look. Being so simple, you can layer on some necklaces of bangles for a completely accessorized look without it being too much. Mini dresses can easily be turned from classy to casual with just a few accessories.

black mesh dress
Black mini mesh dress
mini dress

The shirt dress

I love shirt dresses and I think I own at least 5 more in this style. It’s the type of dress you can both as it was originally designed, but also as a “blazer” or coat, depending on what fabric it is made out of. I have thick knitted shirt dresses and even chiffon ones that I love to layer with wax coated jeans and statement printed T-shirts. In my opinion, this type of shirt dress that has a midi length would look good on a taller person. For mignonette figures like me, it works better as a shirt or blazer. I often wear them during late spring- late summer when it’s chillier in the morning and evening, perfect combo.

black shirt dress
Shirt dress
black mes tshirt dress

The athletic set

In order to be able to wear anything, you need the basics. A nice co-ord set you can workout in when building that summer body we all dream of. Talking about it is easy, but starting anything is harder so why not get a fun boost with a nice, comfy athletic set that looks nice on you and feels comfortable too. I love shorts tops, but I tend to wear them with loose T-shirts on top just because it would cover any excess weight I am trying to loose. Basically I feel more comfortable that way, and it doesn’t really help in any way while working out. Feeling comfy and confident is the only way to start any fitness journey whether you want to stick to it as a lifestyle or an intervention just before summer starts.

athletic set
Pink athletic set
co ord set

So what are your top 4 items that you need to own in order to have a complete wardrobe?

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