6 Ways To Spill Your Creativity Through Your Shirt

Everyone has the potential to be their most creative selves. And there are various ways to express this creativity. Designing a shirt is one of the enjoyable and practical ways to unleash your creativity.

T-shirts are some of the most versatile clothing pieces that allow easy customization. You don’t need to be a trained designer to create a unique shirt. All you need is to gather some creative inspiration and give it some splash of your original ideas. 

White t-shirt decorated with embroidered patches, close up. Custom style for boring clothes, DIY project.

That said, here are six ways to spill your creativity through your shirt: 

1. Create A Personalized Embroidery Design 

Embroidery gives an intricate touch to any clothing piece. It’s a classic way of adding a unique element to apparel that has been done for centuries. Now, you can do them by hand or by a machine.

Creating a personalized embroidery design is a classy way to show your creative side. You can transform your beautiful designs into logos and patches for basic shirts or pocket tees. This design element is perfect for a classy and minimalist shirt that you can pair with various wardrobe staples like pants, maxi skirts, and shorts. 

When creating an embroidery design, always go for a small yet eye-catching illustration. The ideal size is around two by 3.5 inches, placed on the left chest. This is common for T-shirts with logos or basic minimalist shirts.

2. Design With Your Favorite Quotes 

A statement shirt never goes out of style. Wearing one is a creative way to share a message with anyone around you. If you have a quote or a line from a song you can’t get out of your head, maybe it’s time to print it on a shirt.

Designing with your favorite quotes is a simple way to spill your hidden talent. You can use any design app you’re comfortable with, type your favorite quote, and play with fonts and colors. Your freedom is almost limitless, as you can add as many or as few design elements as you like.

Brushes, paint, and a tie dye t-shirt on white boards. White clothes painted by hand. Flat lay. Place for text.

3. Print Your Own Graphic Design 

With the rise of online graphic design apps, it’s now easy for anyone to design anything, including T-shirts. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie who loves to explore various art media, you can spill your creativity in printing your own shirt. You can start creating your graphic tee by developing a unique design. You can have it in any size, depending on your desired outcome.

One of the best design hacks is to choose a particular palette to make a cohesive layout. You may go to your favorite design and layout app and bring some elements together to see which works. On the other hand, some personalized shirt shops have their design app on their website. This option gives their customers an easy and simple way to create a custom shirt within hours.

4. Digitize Your Favorite Artwork 

If you’re someone who loves to doodle, sketch, or paint during your free time, this option is for you. Digitizing your favorite artwork is a fun way to showcase your creative talent to the world. Wearing your artwork is something you can be proud of. 

The easiest way to create an original T-shirt design is to do it by hand, as it gives a personal touch no one can duplicate. You can create a new drawing or choose an existing one and digitize it. Remember that when printing your artwork to a shirt, you must find a shop that prints true-to-color designs. This way, you can ensure your masterpiece is well-represented.

5. Print On Colorful Shirt 

A printed black or white T-shirt is a wardrobe staple. However, there are occasions when a colorful shirt seems more fun, festive, and eye-catching. 

One of the hottest trends in T-shirt designs is tie-dye. This design first became popular in the ‘60s, but it made its way to today’s street fashion. Instead of printing or embroidering your original design on a plain shirt, you can print it on a colorful tie-dye shirt for an added character. 

There are many tie-dye designs and color combinations to choose from. You can go from soft cloud-like pastels to vibrant and bold colors. However, it’s best to stick to the color palette of your design to maintain harmony. 

6. Create A Full-Sublimation Shirt 

A full-sublimation shirt is an excellent choice if you want to go all-in. This type of shirt lets you print your design and color in every part, making it even more personalized. It is often made with microfiber polyester, suitable for activewear. However, you can wear it in any way you like. It can act as a key piece to a whole outfit. 

Since full-sublimation needs professional designing for scale, it’s best to hire a graphic designer. You can send design inspirations like your favorite game, artwork, or simply anything that expresses your creative side. 


Expressing your creativity through a custom shirt is a fun and exciting process. It offers an opportunity to bring your ideas to life and wear it like the world is your runway. Just choose from the ways discussed above, and you’ll be on your way to flaunting the shirt you creatively designed.

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