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 How to wear swimsuits and lingerie at music festivals

Festival season is up and because of the hot weather we have to search for cool, yet very comfortable looks that could keep us cool all day long.
Because of this, swimsuits and sleek lingerie items might help us create the perfect outfit.

Loose kimonos and cardigans, leather jackets and vests, ripped shorts and printed skirts are probably the most famous choice when it comes to music festivals. Most of the time, there will be a pool or the festival might just be at the beach and what else could you pick for your look than a bikini. If you don’t want to get a tan go for one piece swim suits with cool prints. Pick a maxi skirt or some high waisted shorts to finish the look off.

Bikinis look great if you worked your ass off last winter to get that six pack. Wear it with some ripped shorts and a leather jacket.

To help you out a bit, I created some looks for you. Different styles for different types of music festivals or beach parties. Which would you pick?

lingerie at music festival

Lace teddies are not just for indoor. Try them with printed shorts and some fancy beaded flats for an elegant beach party attire. Don’t forget about the mirror sunglasses.

lingerie at music festival

lingerie at music festival

A lace bra worn under a loose top is the perfect pick. Wear them with some ripped shorts or a loose skirt. If the bra is  not very revealing, you can even be bold and wear it just like that. Add a kimono or a leather jacket for a bad ass mix.


swimsuit festival looks


festival looks by adore me


And if you haven’t yet found your inspiration for the next festival look, here a video from AdoreMe that might help you with some more ideas on the topic.

Follow their youtube channel for more stylish ideas.

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