Autumn Nail Designs

Beauty Trends for Fall


As the leaves change their color in autumn, we tend to coordinate with the season and start shifting to other shades when it comes to nails or make-up. Because there is no such thing as too much inspiration, I thought that I could just give you a hint of this season’s trends with the hope that these pictures might spark some ideas.

So when we talk about colors, autumn is all about earthy, natural hues with a hint of reddish tones that would “warm”up the whole scene. When it comes to nails, fall is a very inspirational season because you can play with so many textures along. If summer nails were all about popping colors, palm trees and watermelons, autumn’s trends revolve around deep colors, leaves and textures.

Nail ideas you need to try

nail designs

1. Multiple nail colors on the same hand

If you can’t decide on just one color, go for multiple hues on the same hand and play with textures like a sand effect polish or use different finishes: glossy or matte. If you are not sure how to  mix and match the colors, try an ombre. Go from pale to dark shades of the same colors and you can’t go wrong.


metallic brown nails

beige neutral nails

2. Glittery details like fallen leaves

Glitter is never out of style, of course, if you know how to use it. Try opting for gold and red instead of multi colored glitter. Use plenty of it at the tip and fade towards the nail bed. For extra details, try drawing some leaves that camouflage themselves around the glitter. If you use glitter, crystals or other shiny adornments, be sure the base is matte and neutral.

glittery nude autumn nails

glittery nude nails

glam autumn nail deisgns

3. Fun, hand painted details

Short, colored nails are cool in any season. Pick a bright red and base and paint some cool themed icons like leaves, foxes or acorns.  If you find them too childish, just stick to simple shades and maybe some lines or abstract drawings.

painted leaves nails

funny fox nails

4. Deep burgundy & metallic nails

And now, my favorite version for this season, burgundy nails! I love deep hues and simple designs that basically go with everything I could wear. If I want something different, I would paint ofof the nails with a metallic color or just glitter in a neutral color. Burgundy and copper or gold looks simply wow together, so why not try that?

dark burgundy nails

burgundy nails

Photo source: Pinterest

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