B.A.D. Shoes- by MONO Shoes

This pair of shoes was actually an experiment, a challenge for me ,and I think it turned out really nice. I needed an original pair of shoes for a wedding at Straja resort, and because my dress was very colorfull I designed it like this. I also added a bit of Rock’n’Roll to it . Thanks to Dumitru Mihaica (MONO Shoes) the shoes look exactly as the drawing was. This collaboration was a success, maybe more in the future. Keep you posted!

I also made myself some jewellry, but as I didn’t have enough time, I made just a necklace and an earing because I like to wear only one at a time. The rosary inspired necklace is made of plack culture pearls with silver plated accessories and a Swarovski crystal Malta cross. I wore it next to another short necklace made of silver plated chain and some black culture pearls. The earing is made of silver plated wire and Swarovski Crystals in jet black and clear AB colors.

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