Beauty : Before and After

Because I got many emails asking about my eyebrows, how I got this shape, if I dye them or not, what special products do I use etc. I decided to let you in on a little secret.
Here is my BEFORE picture( I am on the left, red blouse). This was about 6 years ago when I used to do my eyebrows by myself. Bad idea!
 I really ruined the shape, if you can really call that a shape.
Then I got a recommendation from a friend to go for a facial treatment at a specialist she knew then.
I got myself a treatment, everything went perfect and I  asked her to try and fix my eyebrows.  After some months we really got to the point when I had a great shape.
Now I have my eyebrows done once a month. She shapes them and adds a bit of color where needed.
You can see now that there is a huge difference between what I did to them and what a specialist can do .
Eyebrows are really important in emphasizing your facial expression , the shape should be made according to your features and only a specialist knows exactly how to balance everything.
So here is my tip for you:
If you are from Timisoara, call
SERENA: 0724 800 947
She has a cozy little salon in Unirii Square
Perfect place to relax ,have  make-up  done or other cosmetic treatments with proffesional products picked especially for your skin type.
She has been taking care of my face and eyebrows since forever and I wouldn’t change her for any other.
Here are some pictures with the salon and a recent picture with my eyebrows. Bet you like them more now than how they looked 6 years ago.







  1. Bună , îmi poți spune cum se numește salonul unde lucrează Serena ? As dorii sa merg si eu la ea . Multumesc anticipat !

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